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Pharma Stories & Articles


Swiss Biotech’s Funding Quandary


Switzerland has been long-established as one of the world’s most innovative countries and boasts a thriving ecosystem of startup biotechs. However, a slow and complex funding cycle means that an increasing number of Swiss biotechs are looking towards the US …

Brexit and Irish Pharma


The UK’s decision to leave the EU in Summer 2016 sent shockwaves throughout Europe and left neighbouring countries struggling to interpret what ‘Brexit’ means for them. Ireland, as the UK’s closest neighbour both culturally and geographically, could stand to benefit …

Staying the Course in Greece


Despite the difficulties of the financial crisis and subsequent austerity legislation, pharma firms implanted in Greece have nonetheless continued to exhibit great commitment and staying power. “The big multinationals have not been panicking and resorting to large-scale layoffs or fleeing …

Cannabis and Narcotics for Medicinal Use in Mexico


Representatives of Olivares, one of the leading law firms in Mexico, explain the evolving status of cannabis and narcotics for medicinal use in the country. A new Bill authorizing the use of cannabis for medical treatments was passed by the …

Asian Optimism: Pharma in 2017


2016 was a year of great activity for the pharma industry, with economic uncertainties, seismic political shifts in the UK and US, and cost-containment measures in several countries. Consequently, PharmaBoardroom surveyed over 400 of its executive readership over four continents to get …

Cora Systems’ Innovative Project Management Solutions


Philip Martin, founder and CEO of Cora Systems in Ireland, explains why his company is ideally positioned to help the pharmaceutical industry increase efficiency and save costs through their agile, flexible and intuitive project management software solutions. “Along with tech …

Global Trends In Healthcare Digitalization


“Conventional healthcare and life sciences firms are unequivocally late to the game and should long ago have been taking inspiration from other industries”

Trump and Pharma: A Mixed Bag


While pledging to lower drug prices has proved popular, the Trump administration’s proposed FDA reform has been getting some pharmaceutical executives worried. In a meeting with Big Pharma CEOs at the end of January; US President Donald Trump called for …

Putting the ‘R’ & ‘D’ back into Ireland


“Ireland is on a fantastic trajectory in terms of our innovative output and the quality of Irish science.”
Professor Mark Ferguson, Science Foundation Ireland

Optimism for the Pharma Industry in 2017


Do phenomenons such as Brexit and the Trump election victory mean trouble for the pharma industry or are you more optimistic? Take the PharmaBoardroom poll on the pharma industry in 2017 and stay tuned for the results! Create your own …

Duterte’s Vision for Public Health


The election of maverick former mayor of Davao, Rodrigo Duterte to the Filipino presidency in May 2016 represented a dramatic departure from politics as usual and raised interesting questions about future health policy in south East Asia’s second most populous …

Trump on Pharma: Lower Prices, Deregulation, & American Manufacturing


Take our poll on Donald Trump and Pharma at the bottom of the article Speaking at a White House meeting with senior pharmaceutical executives, US President Donald Trump told drug companies to lower their “astronomical” prices. He pledged to curb regulations …



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