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Blazing Trails: Where Luxembourg Leads the Way

Despite its miniscule size, Luxembourg has managed to specialize in three key areas and now has a strong claim to be a global leader in personalized healthcare, e-health and data security, and pharma logistics and air freight.

Personalized Healthcare

Luxembourg placed personalized medicine right at the top of their health agenda for their period at the helm of the rotating European presidency in 2015. “We are one of the strongest proponents of a targeted and maximally effective healthcare approach that ensures that each individual patient receives the optimum drug for his or her needs, at the best possible moment and at the correct dosage. We believe that personalized public health is not just the preserve of the affluent, but the baseline and foundations of a high-performance and sustainable healthcare system which is why we have made it a guiding concept that underpins our national health vision,” proclaims Health Minister Lydia Mutsch. Many private actors have also warmly applauded this stance. “Disease is not solely driven by genetic make-up, but rather the confluence of gene combinations and external environmental impacts. The future of healthcare is less about pharmaceutical companies providing new products and more about diverse actors working in concert to define integrated solutions. In championing personalized health, the Luxembourg authorities are indicating that they are both visionary and ready to move with the times,” reflects ITTM managing director, Andreas Kremer.



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