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Egypt’s Campaign against Viral Hepatitis

As Egypt continues to grapple with the proliferation of the hepatitis C virus, fresh treatment, prevention and market access pathways are now being applied.

Given the severity of Egypt’s hepatitis C epidemic, the national campaign against viral hepatitis remains Egypt’s top healthcare priority. According to Roche’s regional general manager, Ehab Yousef, hepatitis constitutes the therapeutic category with the largest budget within the Ministry of Health and the Health Insurance Organization, and Minister of Health Ahmed Emad El-Din Rady affirms that one of his primary tasks as minister relates to “driving and strengthening the national campaign against the hepatitis C virus, which is has reached epidemic proportions in the country.” Moreover, as Abbvie’s Amjad Laimoun indicates, “the level of the government’s commitment is very strong, as fighting Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is the president’s highest healthcare priority; in fact, the president has been involved in several initiatives himself.”



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