Roll Up Your Sleeves


Recruiting and retaining fresh, entrepreneurial talent is a challenge that all Mexican pharmaceutical companies have to face. Given the rapidly evolving business environment, companies need rapidly evolving employees that are not daunted by a challenge. There is a strong talent pool in Mexico, but smaller companies face a bigger challenge without an internationally renowned company name and brand with which to attract good people in the first place. Young local company More Pharma is aiming to establish itself as the partner of choice for in-licensed innovative products coming from the United States and Europe.

 CEO Guillermo Ibarra ex-plains what he offers potential recruits, the kind of person he looks for, and the challenges involved:

How do you recruit the right talent when up against other young companies looking for the same people?

 “The way I sell the company to any candidate is that when they are tired of big pharma; come to us. It is not a politically correct statement… but the umbrella message is that when you are tired of lengthy and bureaucratic decision making processes and you feel better in an entrepreneurial environment; come to us. I don’t think there are good or bad companies, just different environments that fi t different personalities.” “Any position within the company is a very entrepreneurial one, we don’t hire agencies or third parties, we do everything ourselves, it’s a hands-on business model.”

What kind of recruit would most fit More Pharma’s corporate philosophy?

 “Every time we look for a new employee, we need someone who can react fast, take decisions, act swiftly and execute in an even faster changing environment. We look for people who will roll up their sleeves, and you can usually see this during the interview process.”

 If you have such well-trained and entrepreneurial staff, how do you stop them from walking away from More Pharma and joining another company?

“When you work in a large company, you need a ‘glue’ to make everybody stick to the same set of values, and that is a best practice we have adopted at More Pharma as well. Two years ago we defined and launched our set of core values, and launching these values meant a commitment from top management to each company associate. We believe in our culture and we want every More Pharma team member to live according to our values. This culture has helped us create passion for our company, increasing ownership of our growth plans. We have been able to in-crease employee’s satisfaction while improving overall company results.”


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