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Singaporean Logistics: Taking Pharma to New Heights

Singapore's location at the heart of the APAC region, expertise in logistics and cold chain management, and smart investment in infrastructure has helped make the Lion City an indisputable global heavyweight in pharma logistics.

“From a logistics standpoint, Singapore serves as a pivotal gateway to the broader region—namely because of its efficiency, established infrastructure, and high caliber talent,” extolls DB Schenker’s Sugantha Natarajan. Indeed, Singapore has developed into a regional management hub for multinationals across a wide range of industries, including as a production site for a number of leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and as Narajan clarifies “many companies establish and stabilize their operations here first, before venturing off into the frontier.” When the time comes for companies to expand from Singapore into the surrounding ASEAN countries - or as Singapore plays an increasingly important role in supporting and supplying business at the Asia Pacific level - the companies operating on this little red dot start to generate significant demand for cargo, freight and logistics services.

Of course, it has taken much time, investment, and professional development amongst logistics providers to position Singapore as the premier logistics hub in the Asia Pacific region. On a general note, Thomas Page, UPS’s VP for healthcare and contract logistics in Asia Pacific, asserts “Singapore has done a tremendous job in attracting healthcare companies to use Singapore as a financial and logistical hub, as it poses low risks but also serves as an optimal hub for value-added activities… I also applaud everything that Singapore is doing related to their infrastructure to be a reliable and reputable member of the supply chain.”



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