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Asia Pacific


Interview: Albert Liou – Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, Parexel, Taiwan

With 7,000 employees in 25 locations across 12 countries in the region, PAREXEL now has more than a third of its global staff in Asia Pacific (APAC). Albert Liou, Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, PAREXEL, discusses the biotech momentum that has …


Interview: Chih-Yi Weng – Chairlady & CEO, Charsire Biotechnology, Taiwan

Chih-Yi Weng, chairlady and CEO of Charsire Biotechnology, one of Taiwan’s leading biotech companies focused on the development of botanical new drugs as well as topical and personal care products, provides insights into the company’s unique business model and its …


Interview: Peter Tsai – Founder, CEO & Chairman, Orient EuroPharma (OEP) & Orient Pharma (OP), Taiwan

Peter Tsai, founder, CEO, and chairman of Orient EuroPharma (OEP), one of the leading groups of healthcare companies in Taiwan, provides insights into his strategic vision to double the group’s revenues within the next five years and nurture the long-term …


Interview: Lee Po-Chang – Director General, National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA), Taiwan

Lee Po-Chang, director general of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) details his main priorities to further strengthen the country’s widely acclaimed single-payer health system, which already stands as one of the most advanced in the region, while adapting the …


Interview: Alban Nérot – Managing Director, Servier Indonesia

Alban Nérot, managing director at Servier Indonesia, explains the transformational change of the Indonesian affiliate to ensure the sustainable growth of its business in the country as well as the importance of medical education to show to doctors and other …


Interview: Amy Huang – General Manager, OBI Pharma, Taiwan

In an exclusive interview, Amy Huang, general manager of OBI Pharma, shares her plans to bolster the international development of the company and further strengthen its expertise throughout the drug development process. She also elaborates on the key next steps …


Interview: Wu Tsung-Tsong – Minister Without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Wu Tsung-Tsong, Minister Without Portfolio of the Republic of China (Taiwan) supervises and coordinates Taiwan’s interministerial program for the development of the biotech industry. In this exclusive interview, he documents his main priorities and the government’s unrivalled commitment to further …


The Power of Taiwanese Technology

Leveraging Taiwan’s remarkable talent pool in chemistry, some of the country’s fastest-growing companies have been concentrating their efforts on technology platforms that allow them to develop a plethora of potentially game-changing products, rather than focusing all their resources on the …


Interview: Johnsee Lee PhD MBA – Chairman, Taiwan Bio Industry Organization

Johnsee Lee, a leading figure in the Taiwanese biotech and pharmaceutical sectors and Chairman of Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, the largest and one of the most influential biotechnology associations in Taiwan, shares his vision for the future development of Taiwan’s …


Interview: Benny Hu – Chairman; Tai-Sen Soong PhD – President & CEO, Senhwa Biosciences, Taiwan

Founded in 2012, Senhwa Biosciences is mainly engaged in the development and clinical study of small molecule drugs to treat various types of cancer, and its drug development pipelines include CX-5461, a first-in-class drug using G-quadruplex (G4) stabilizer as a …


Interview: Wayne Wang PhD – Director General, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan

Wayne Wang, director general of Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), the country’s largest and oldest innovation cluster and the first in Taiwan to establish a science park exclusively dedicated to the life sciences industry, documents the potential of HSP as a …


Interview: Chris Wren – Executive Director, BritCham Indonesia

Chris Wren, Executive Director of BritCham for the last ten years, explains the changes that have happened on the Indonesian market as well as opportunities for foreign companies to invest more in the upcoming years. BritCham is one of the …




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