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Asia Pacific


Interview: Jui-Lin Chen PhD – CEO, MiCareo, Taiwan

Jui-Lin Chen, CEO of MiCareo, provides insights into the development of MiSelect, Micareo’s pioneering platform for the analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) and other rare cells, which proudly stands as the best product available to physicians for cancer prognosis …


Interview: Chen Min-Che – Founder & Managing Director, Asclepiumm, Taiwan

Chen Min-Che, founder and managing director of Asclepiumm, provides insights into the main milestones reached and the new partnership opportunities considered by this exciting biotech company, whose Antibody Switch-on Cytotoxicity (ASC) technology platform could contribute to bringing onto the global …


Interview: Freddie Höglund – CEO, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT); Mike Exton – Co-chair, ECCT Pharmaceutical Committee, Managing Director & Country President, Novartis Taiwan

Freddie Höglund, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT), and Mike Exton, Managing Director of Novartis Taiwan and Co-Chair of the Pharmaceutical Committee of the ECCT, document the main issues at stake for the international pharmaceutical companies implanted …


Interview: Dr. Mike Exton – Managing Director, Novartis Taiwan

Mike Exton, Managing Director at Novartis Taiwan, describes the affiliate’s plans to increase collaboration with the government in order to provide Taiwanese patients with a greater access to innovative, life-changing products, while highlighting Novartis’ world-class innovation in many critical therapeutic …


Interview: Petar Vazharov – Executive Vice President APAC, Alvogen; Jefferson Wang – General Manager, Lotus, Taiwan

Petar Vazharov, Alvogen’s executive vice president for Asia Pacific, and, Jefferson Wang, general manager of Lotus, provide insights into Lotus’ tremendous evolution from a local generics company into a regional player holding international ambitions, and highlight the main achievements of …


Interview: Ming-Chu Hsu – Chairman & CEO, TaiGen, Taiwan

The Chairman & CEO of TaiGen Biotechnology discusses the growth opportunities that the company holds in China, its main target market, and documents how her long-term strategic outlook made the company one of the most successful biotech companies in the …


Interview: Yung Fa Chen PhD – President & CEO, Scinopharm, Taiwan

Yung Fa Chen, ScinoPharm’s President and CEO, documents his strategy to drive the Taiwan-based global success story to new heights, having established itself as an indisputable leader in the API field, providing its international partners with complex, difficult-to-make products. Yung …


Interview PH Huang – Chairman & CEO, JCP Works, Taiwan

JCP is home to over five decades of generic medication production and is a cornerstone household brand for numerous products in Taiwan’s domestic market, most notably with CNS medications. The company’s chairman and CEO, PH Huang details how they have …


Interview: Fangchen Lee – Chairman, YungShin Global Holding, Taiwan

Fangchen Lee, Chairman of YungShin Global Holding on strengthening the groups’s vertical integration, expanding product portfolio, and instilling a collaborative approach in the local generics industry, with the vision to build a Taiwan-based pharmaceutical entity that could be globally competitive. YungShin Global Holding proudly …


Interview: Hong-Jen Chang – CEO & Chairman, YFY Biotech Management Company, Taiwan

Hong-Jen Chang, former Deputy Minister of Health and current CEO and Chairman of the YFY Biotech Management Company, a Taiwan-based VC fund which has been playing an instrumental role in the development of Taiwan’s biotech industry, provides insights into his …


Interview: George J. Lee, Ph.D. – Chairman; Tzu-Ming Pan, Ph.D – Vice Chairman and Chief Technology and Science Officer, SunWay Biotech, Taiwan

George Lee and Tzu-Ming Pan introduce SunWay Biotech’s groundbreaking red yeast rice extract, ANKASCIN® 568-R, which has been recognized as a New Dietary Ingredient by the US FDA. SunWay Biotech is now bringing this unique product onto the global stage …


Interview: Tse Wen Chang Ph.D. – Founder, President, and CEO, Immunwork, Taiwan

Tse Wen Chang, internationally recognized as one of the greatest contributors to the biotech field, and founder, CEO, and president of Immunwork, provides insights into the company’s ground-breaking T-E™ pharmaceuticals, which combine both targeting (T) and effector (E) moieties to …




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