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MNCs’ Healthcare Access Initiatives in India

With the Indian public healthcare apparatus straining at the seams to provide affordable access to treatments to the country’s vast population, two pioneering pharmaceutical multinationals – Novartis and Janssen – have stepped up with innovative initiatives to fill the gaps. …


Interview: Kanchana TK – Director General, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)

Kanchana TK, director general of the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI), the association which represents the interests of research-based pharmaceutical companies in India, discusses regulatory reform and how OPPI is helping to shape the Indian healthcare system. Please …


Interview: Janmejay Vyas – Chairman, Dishman Group, India

Janmejay Vyas, chairman of the Dishman Group, shares the story of his success in establishing a trustworthy relationship with the strictest drug regulator in the world, the US FDA. Mr Vyas, since the very beginning your focus has been on …


Interview: Osamu Nagayama – President, Japan BioIndustry Association (JBA)

Osamu Nagayama, president of the Japan BioIndustry Association (JBA) and chairman and CEO of Chugai Pharmaceutical, discusses Japan’s footprint in biologics and how mergers between Japanese pharma companies, thereby creating larger R&D funding pools, could hold the key to future …


Interview: Ariz Rizvi – President, Apollo Life, India

“From illness to wellness” – this is what Apollo Life is all about. Ariz Rizvi, president of Apollo Life, gives his insight into the current state of occupational and rehabilitative health in India and explains how the company has revolutionized …


Interview: Sridhar Ranganathan – Managing Director, Allergan, India

Sridhar Ranganathan, managing director of Allergan, explains how the affiliate revolutionized the ophthalmologic market in India and how it engages with the different stakeholders, ranging from government institutions to the Women Ophthalmologic Society to bring value to the country and …


Indian Pharma Manufacturing: Serving the World

Indian pharma production is growing rapidly – boosted by the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign – and both Indian companies and multinationals implanted in the world’s second most populous nation are responding to the drastic need for quality, affordable …


Interview: Yuzo Toda – Chairman, Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM), Japan

Yuzo Toda, chairman of the Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) in Japan, discusses how the organization acts as a translational bridge between academia and industry, how the paradigm of regenerative medicine differs from that of traditional pharmaceuticals, and why …


Interview: Tatsuya Kondo – Chief Executive, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan

Dr. Tatsuya Kondo is chief executive of Japan’s regulatory authority, the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA). Since taking the role in 2008, Dr. Kondo, a qualified neurosurgeon with wide-ranging experience in R&D activities, has been responsible for all the …


Interview: Shravan Subramanyam – Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics India

A strong advocate for women’s health and the first managing director of Roche Diagnostics India to be under 40 years old, Dr. Shravan Subramanyam shares his insights on the Indian healthcare system, the value proposition of diagnostics to patients, the …


Interview: Ranjit Madan – CEO, Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC), India

With his over 25 years’ experience in running growing businesses and establishing start-ups, Ranjit Madan, CEO of the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC), explains the journey of the LSSSDC and its efforts to grow the formally skilled labor …


Interview: Dilip G Shah – Secretary General, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)

Dilip G Shah, secretary-general of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) and member of the Expert Review Committee on Access to Medicine (ATM), discusses the association’s commitment to assisting the Indian government with policies that ensure access to affordable medicines for …




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