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Asia Pacific


Interview: Fong Chin Su – Deputy Minister for Science and Technology, Taiwan

Deputy Minister for Science and Technology on Taiwan, Fong Chin Su, gives his insights into innovation, cyber security, and the current state of one of the world’s most exciting biotech industries. To start with, could you share what your priorities …


Interview: Gou Jen Wang – Co-Founder & Bing Chen Gu – General Manager, Vida BioTechnology, Taiwan

Gou Jen Wang, the co-founder of Vida BioTechnology, and Bing Chen Gu, General Manager elaborate on how Vida BioTechnology provides added value to its customers by focusing on simplified use, innovation, lower cost and quality in next generation biosensing. Vida …


Interview: Endang Hoyaranda – Commissioner & President Director, Prodia Group, Indonesia

Endang Hoyaranda, Commissioner and President Director at Prodia Group, elaborates on Prodia’s pioneering spirit when implementing its diversification business strategy and explains how the company has successfully completed its IPO process on the Indonesian stock exchange (IDX). Prodia recently completed …


Interview: Weichyun Wong – President, SCI Pharmtech, Taiwan

Weichyun Wong, president of SCI Pharmtech, discusses the API manufacturer’s transition from a Swiss-owned affiliate to a Taiwanese company. He also talks technology and regulatory challenges, as well as what differentiates SCI Pharmtech from its competitors. SCI Pharmtech, Inc. has …


Interview: Jun Wang – Founder & CEO, GeneHarbor Biotechnologies, Hong Kong

Jun Wang, founder and CEO of GeneHarbor Biotechnologies, introduces his company’s innovative technology platform and the specificities of the start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong. Dr. Wang, can you firstly tell us more about GeneHarbor’s innovative technology platform? What makes it …


Interview: Eugene Huang – Chairman; Hua-Lin Wu – Consultant, Blue Blood Biotech Corp., Taiwan

Eugene Huang, chairman, and Hua-Lin Wu, consultant of Blue Blood Biotech Corp., provide insightful information on BB-101, a protein proven to be efficient for wound healing, while sharing their vision for the future growth of the company through partnerships with …


Interview: Michael H.J. Lai – Founder, Body Organ Biomedical Corp., Taiwan

Michael H.J. Lai, Founder of Body Organ Biomedical Corporation, discusses Ologen’s success as the first ever eye tissue repair product and highlights the importance of global exposure for Taiwan-based companies. Can you introduce the company to our readers? What was …


Interview: Jorge Wagner – President Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia

Jorge Wagner, President Director at Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia, explains the importance of innovation within the universal healthcare coverage program that is being implemented in Indonesia. He also illustrates how the affiliate has been one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in …


Interview: Ken-Shwo Dai – President and CEO, Visgeneer, Taiwan

Ken-Shwo Dai, president and CEO of Visgeneer, explains his biotech’s expertise in medtech, skincare, gene therapy and diagnostics, as well as his plans to take the company public. Can you introduce yourself and Visgeneer to our readers? What have been …


Interview: Jassy Wang – CEO, MegaPro Biomedical, Taiwan

Jassy Wang, CEO of MegaPro Biomedical, a nanomedicine development company specializing in developing nanoparticles and nanomicelles, discusses the evolving nanomedicine market in Taiwan and reveals the company’s plans for future growth. Can you introduce MegaPro Biomedical to our readers? “Nanosize …


Interview: Daniel Huang – CEO, Genomics Bioscience; Chairman, Pharmigene, Taiwan

Daniel Huang, CEO of Genomics Bioscience, Taiwan’s largest commercial genome sequencing company, and Chairman of Pharmigene, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of genetic tests, documents how he plans to leverage the combined capacity and expertise of these …


Interview: Yvonne Huang – Vice President, Aquavan, Taiwan

Yvonne Huang, VP of Aquavan, a company developing the most sophisticated high-tech green biotechnology platform for the extraction of plants, discusses their innovative technology and business scope while contributing to the concept of improving the health of patients without harming …




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