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Astellas Pharma Brazil


Address: Avenida das Nações Unidas, 14.171, Rochaverá Corporate Towers, Torre Marble – 3º andar, Cj. 302,Brazil

Tel: (55 11) 3027-4500

Web: http://www.astellasfarma.com.br/

Company description

In July 2009, Astellas Pharma Brazil (AFB) was created due to remarkable growth of the economy in the sector of health care. In April 2010, the Brazilian subsidiary started to promote and distribute products directly that were licensed to other companies.
In Brazil, specifically, Astellas is focused on three areas encompassed in the Astellas Group, Dermatology, Urology and Infectious Diseases. These are the foundations for growth and recognition of Astellas in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market.

Astellas Brazil focuses on becoming the leader in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, supports the company’s business philosophy, a VISION 2015, which seeks to become a ‘world leader in the category.’

Products and services

Omnic®, Omnic OCAS®, Vesicare, Mycamine


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October 2015

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