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Energy Boardroom

Indonesia Pharma Report

September 2013


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Indonesia : Will Indonesia achieve universal healthcare coverage?

Ask Indonesians about a bad experience in medical care and each will have a story to tell. The poor state of Indonesia‰Ûªs healthcare system has turned ‰Û÷improving quality‰Ûª into the top priority of the government of Indonesia. Better quality of care has become especially important as the fourth most populated country in the world moves into full traction with its plans to achieve universal health care coverage.

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Clinical trials in Indonesia

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    Interview: Steve Yang, Chief Executive Officer, Mestika Farma, Indonesia

    Steve Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Metiska Farma, talks about the changes he implemented to the comopany once he took over for his father in 2009 and what it means for the future of the company, both locally in Indonesia and on an international level.

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