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Energy Boardroom



Interview: Roman Gladkyi – General Manager, Ferring Ukraine

Roman Gladkyi, general manager of Ferring Ukraine, describes the current opportunities and areas for improvement he identifies within Ukraine’s pharmaceutical market and the country’s evolving heath system, with a special focus on Ferring’s key areas of expertise such as reproductive …


Interview: Christoph Zielinski – Head of the Organizational Unit, Comprehensive Cancer Center of Vienna, Austria

Dr. Christoph Zielinski, head of the organizational unit of the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Vienna (CCC), a representative of the Austrian oncological community, provides an insight into the key activities of the center. He also gives an overview of the …


Interview: Harald Isemann – Chairman, Vienna Biocenter (VBC) & Managing Director, Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Austria

Harald Isemann, chairman of the Vienna Biocenter (VBC) – one of the leading life science hubs in Europe – and Managing Director of the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), a VBC member, provides insights into the main tasks of the …


Interview: Evgeniy Gaydukov – Country Director, AstraZeneca Ukraine

Evgeniy Gaydukov, Country Director of AstraZeneca Ukraine, provides insights into the remarkable growth that the science-led, innovative company has been experiencing in Ukraine despite the unstable economic situation in the country, as well as the socially oriented, collaborative, and patient-centric …


Interview: Novyk Anatoliy – President, Ecopharm, Ukraine

Anatoliy Novyk, founder and president of SMC Ecopharm, the only Ukrainian pharmaceutical company to be exclusively focused on its own original drug development, provides insights into Ecopharm’s promising expansion strategy, which should be significantly propelled by the company’s upcoming GMP-certified …


Interview: Andreas Windischbauer – President, PHAGO, Austria

Dr. Andreas Windischbauer, president of the Austrian Association of Full-Line Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (PHAGO) discusses the organization’s role within the Austrian pharma industry, its current challenges, price pressures, competition, and future prospects. Can you give us a brief overview of PHAGO? …


Interview: Filya Zhebrovska – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Farmak, Ukraine

Filya Zhebrovska, chairman of the supervisory board of Farmak and the company’s general director between 1995 and 2017, provides insights into the strategy she has followed to establish Farmak as Ukraine’s largest domestic company and the market leader in the …


Interview: Taras Velgosh – Country Manager, Adamed Ukraine

Taras Velgosh, Adamed’s country manager in Ukraine, provides insights into the great results accomplished by the Ukrainian affiliate of this leading Polish pharmaceutical company despite the deep crisis that has recently affected the Ukrainian market. He also documents the innovative, …


Interview: Liana Maksyoutova – Country Manager of Polpharma, Ukraine

Liana Maksyoutova, country manager of Polpharma Ukraine, provides insights into the impressive transformation of the Ukrainian affiliate that she has fostered since inheriting its reins in 2012 and how she has been able to leverage her previous experiences in the …


Interview: Anatoliy Reder – General Director, InterChem, Ukraine

Anatoliy Reder, founder and general director of InterChem, provides insights into the heightened international ambitions of this leading, science-based Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, which plans to leverage its unique R&D and manufacturing capacities to bring to the EU and other international …


Interview: Christa Wirthumer-Hoche – Head, Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (AGES); Chairwoman, EMA Management Board, Austria

Christa Wirthumer-Hoche, head of the Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (AGES) and chair of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) management board, discusses the role of AGES within Austria, similarities with other countries’ regulatory agencies, Austria’s potential as an innovation …


Interview: Natalia Zago – Managing Director, Takeda Ukraine

Natalia Zago, managing director of Takeda Ukraine, one of the leading international companies operating in the country, provides insights into her main priorities to drive the growth of the company under the conditions of significant changes in the pharmaceutical market …




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