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Energy Boardroom



Interview: Peter Gmünder – CEO, Bioforce AG, Switzerland

With a recent clinical trial showing one of Bioforce’s Echinacea products to be non-inferior to the gold standard allopathic treatment Tamiflu, CEO Peter Gmünder is working to continue the work of Swiss phytopharmaceuticals pioneer Alfred Vogel by providing the highest …


Interview: Juerg Zuercher – EMEIA Biotech Leader & Partner, EY Switzerland

EY’s Biotech Team Leader for the EMEIA region discusses the challenges Europe’s fragmented capital markets pose for biotech startups, the under-communicated benefits of doing an IPO on the Swiss stock exchange and the implications of the Actelion acquisition for the …


Interview: Fabienne Le Tadic – Executive President, Product and Brand Protection, SICPA, Switzerland

“Robust solutions, the capability to implement them and the ability to do so globally” – The executive president of product and brand protection solutions at SICPA explains why the company is the right partner for companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare …


Interview: Seref Gültabak – Area Sales Manager, Bosch Packaging Systems AG, Switzerland

With new scalable, flexible, and modular packaging systems soon to be launched commercially, Bosch Packaging Systems is poised to increase its footprint within the pharma industry with a range of automated packaging solutions. To begin, could you please introduce Bosch …


Interview: Mark Griffiths – Group CEO, Dishman Group

“Get it done! That is what CARBOGEN AMCIS is all about!” – The CEO of the Swiss drug development and commercialization services company elaborates on the company’s strong mindset and declares customer intimacy to be their unique selling point. CARBOGEN …


Interview: Raymond Cron – CEO, Switzerland Innovation

The most innovative country in the world must constantly launch new initiatives to attract R&D activities if that lead is to be maintained, and Switzerland Innovation is doing just that – by showcasing the opportunities that the Swiss Innovation Park …


Interview: Thomas Bohn – Executive Director, Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa), Switzerland

The Executive Director of the Greater Geneva Bern area, Western Switzerland’s investment promotion agency, elaborates on the unique assets the region has to offer, and highlights the strong pro-business mindset of the Swiss people. Could you please start by elaborating …


Interview: Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér – CEO, Tillotts Pharma, Switzerland

Backed by the Japanese Zeria Group, fast growing gastrointestinal (GI) specialist Tillotts Pharma is looking to acquire further GI assets after its recent USD 200m M&A deal. The company is looking for assets which generate a turnover of EUR 50 …


Interview: Luca G. Guidotti – Deputy Scientific Director, San Raffaele Scientific Institute (SRSI), Italy

Prof. Luca G. Guidotti discusses the esteemed positioning of San Raffaele within the global scientific community, their core mission of translational medicine and the challenges Italy faces today with the development of young scientific talent and the bridging of the …


Interview: Gianvito Martino – Scientific Director & Director of the Division of Neuroscience, San Raffaele Scientific Institute (SRSI), Italy

The division of neuroscience at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute is one of the best worldwide performers in academic research. Division director Professor Gianvito Martino discusses the institute’s unique operative model, national limitations, and the future of the neuroscience field …


Interview: Angelo Corti – Director, Division of Experimental Oncology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute (SRSI), Italy

Professor Angelo Corti, Director of the Experimental Oncology division of the SRSI, discusses approaches to oncology research and the institute´s significant contribution to the field in Italy. What is the philosophy of the SRSI’s oncology division towards oncology research? The …


Interview: Paola Pozzi – Head, Office of Biotechnology Transfer, San Raffaele Scientific Institute (SRSI), Italy

Dr. Paola Pozzi, the head of the Office of Biotechnology Transfer at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, discusses the crucial role the OBT occupies as a link between the industry and early-stage research at the institute, as well as her …




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