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Energy Boardroom



Interview: Alexander Markus – Chairman of the Board, German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Ukraine

Alexander Markus, chairman of the board of the recently set up German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, provides insights into the new dynamics driving the growth of Ukraine’s foreign trade as well as the chamber’s strategic priorities to further enhance …


Interview: Dr. Volodymyr Redko – Executive Director, Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD), Ukraine

Dr. Volodymyr Redko, executive director of Ukraine’s Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD), which gathers together 15 international R&D-driven companies, provides insights into the perspective of international innovators vis-à-vis the numerous regulatory and structural reforms that are set to …


Interview: Bertrand Letartre – CEO, Anios, France

Bertrand Letartre of Anios discusses the company’s rich history, their move towards more technical offerings with the acquisition of Soluscope, internationalization, family values, and the company’s mission to spread awareness of the importance of hygiene in hospitals. This year Laboratoires …


Interview: Henk Meertens – Vice President, Benelux, Central Europe, Greece & Israel, Medtronic

The VP of Medtronic’s Benelux, Central Europe, Greece and Israel cluster highlights the global medtech giant’s efforts to position itself as the partner of choice to tackle prevailing global healthcare challenges. Medtronic is famous for the concept of “value based …


Italian Switzerland: Creativity & Excellence

The southern Swiss canton of Ticino does not have the life science reputation of Basel, Zurich or Geneva, but benefits from an open business environment, strategic location, and a thriving network of pharmaceutical SMEs. “Ticino is really a perfect example of …


Interview: Panagiotis Mparas – Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Greece

In the price versus value discussion brought on by Greece’s economic crisis, Philips’ message is clear: they offer novel solutions that can do more for less and place the patients at the center. Philips Hellas’ Managing Director, Panagiotis Mparas, speaks …


Interview: Markus Arigoni – CEO, Micro-Macinazione, Switzerland

Markus Arigoni, CEO of Ticino-based micronization specialists Micro-Macinazione, describes the scope of the company’s operations, the enlargement of the firm’s R&D capacities, and emerging trends in the micronization niche. Micro-Macinazione SA was founded back in 1970 and has subsequently developed …


Interview: Jodok Reinhardt – CEO, Metrohm, Switzerland

By his own admission. Metrohm CEO Jodok Reinhardt has a dream job. He reveals how the company has become a successful and slightly different outfit when it comes to supplying the very latest chemical analysis instruments. Metrohm has grown from …


Interview: Gabriel Haering – CEO, Cerbios, Switzerland

Gabriel Haering, CEO of API manufacturer Cerbios, highlights the importance of “Swiss-ness” to the company’s brand, their attentiveness to diversification and scaling the value chain, and the future prospects for Swiss CMOs. Cerbios is renowned for its expertise in the process …


Interview: David Adlam – Regional Manager, Ireland and South West UK; Paul Morris – Strategic Account Manager for Life Sciences, Agility

David Adlam, Regional Manager of Ireland and South West UK, and Paul Morris, Strategic Account Manager for Life Sciences at Agility, discuss the company’s increased commitment to Ireland, their ongoing and successful efforts to expand their portfolio of life science …


Interview: Susanne Hoeppner – General Manager, Astellas Switzerland

Susanne Hoeppner, GM of Astellas Switzerland and board member of vips, discusses her key priorities, the culture of Swiss pharma, and the industry-wide push for faster approval times. Ms. Hoeppner, in addition to your role as general manager of Astellas, …


Interview: Lucas Baumann – CEO, Rausch, Switzerland

Treating common skin, hair and scalp conditions with “close to nature” products, the 127-year-old family company Rausch has effective and high quality products, but is working to reposition the brand to engage younger customers. To begin, could you please introduce …




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