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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Eduardo Gutierrez – Business Leader, Philips Personal Health Mexico

An ambassador for Philips’ global vision of spearheading innovation, business leader of Philips Personal Health Mexico, Eduardo Gutierrez, shares his insights on the key growth drivers in the segment, digitalization, connectivity, and his personal motivations in the role. To begin, …


Interview: Jan Poon – General Manager, Health Systems, Philips Taiwan

Philips Healthcare Taiwan general manager, Jan Poon, talks about the innovative approach that Philips aims to implement in the local market; spanning from establishing a digital platform to working with government when ensuring the sustainability of Taiwan’s healthcare system. You …


Interview: Alexander Markus – Chairman of the Board, German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Ukraine

Alexander Markus, chairman of the board of the recently set up German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, provides insights into the new dynamics driving the growth of Ukraine’s foreign trade as well as the chamber’s strategic priorities to further enhance …


Interview: Eric Tsao – CEO and Founder, Synermore Biologics, Taiwan

Eric Tsao, founder of Synermore Biologics, talks about how a company employing 90 people can successfully operate internationally and efficiently progress with its biosimilar and innovative product development pipeline. He also discusses what business strategy and potential partnerships will determine …


Interview: Dr. Misael Uribe – Chairman & Founder, Médica Sur, Mexico

Dr. Misael Uribe, chairman and founder at Médica Sur, showcases the reasons for the outstanding performance of the Médica Sur group, which offers high quality and ethical medical practices. Uribe also explains the group’s unique development path.  Dr. Uribe, as …


Interview: Dr. Volodymyr Redko – Executive Director, Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD), Ukraine

Dr. Volodymyr Redko, executive director of Ukraine’s Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD), which gathers together 15 international R&D-driven companies, provides insights into the perspective of international innovators vis-à-vis the numerous regulatory and structural reforms that are set to …


Interview: Ming-Kuei Jang – Founder & CEO, Aprinoia, Taiwan

Ming-Kuei Jang, founder and CEO of Aprinoia, a very promising Taiwan-based company focused on the development of groundbreaking imaging tracers and therapeutics targeting tau-related neurodegenerative diseases, provides insights into the company’s rapid development over the past two years, its R&D …


Interview: Lin Neumann – Managing Director, AmCham Indonesia

Lin Neumann, Managing Director of AmCham Indonesia, highlights the opportunities in the Indonesian market, recent industry results, and the complex regulatory system in Indonesia: the main barrier to market access. You have been at AmCham since October 2014 after more …


Interview: James Yang – Director, Department of Oncology, National Taiwan University Hospital; Director, Graduate Institute of Oncology, National Taiwan University

James Yang, Director of the Department of Oncology at National Taiwan University Hospital and Director of the Graduate Institute of Oncology at National Taiwan University, discusses the important role of oncology research in developing the Taiwanese pharmaceutical market as well …


Interview: Samuel Wang – Honorary President, Taiwan Generic Pharmaceutical Association (TGPA)

Samuel Wang, Honorary President of the Taiwan Generics Pharmaceutical Association (TGPA) and President of the local distributor Weal-Chance Trading, provides insights into the recent international achievements of TGPA and the main strengths of Taiwan’s generics industry on the global stage, …


Interview: Jacob Lee – Co-Founder & CEO, DTCO, Taiwan

Jacob Lee, co-founder and CEO of DTCO, a Taiwan-based company focused on industrial blockchain services, documents the disruptive impact that the development of the blockchain technology in the healthcare and life sciences sectors could entail for both patients and healthcare …


Interview: Eric Delarge – General Manager & Representative Director, Servier Japan

Eric Delarge, general manager and representative director of Servier Japan, recently became the first member of the international pharma industry to join bioIPSeeds, an innovative tool aiming to foster early stage collaboration between academia and the global industry, which also …




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