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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Paweł Przewięźlikowski – CEO Selvita, Poland

Paweł Przewięźlikowski, CEO of Selvita, the largest biotech company between Germany and India, discusses the first-in-class and pioneer Polish molecule, SEL24, and the future game changing molecule, SEL120 – the first ever CDK8 inhibitor for acute myeloid leukaemia with great …


Interview: Marius Giedraitis – Director and Founder, Balux, Lithuania

Marius Giedraitis, director and founder of Balux, explains the company’s commitment to shipping high-value temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals with quality goals of 99.5 percent of deliveries without any deviation by 2019. Could you please introduce the main activities and operations of Balux …


Interview: Silvana Džudžević – Managing Director, Farmalogist, Serbia

Silvana Džudžević, managing director of Serbia’s leading pharma wholesale and distribution specialist, Farmalogist, introduces the evolution of the company’s operations to now include several complementary services, its numerous partnerships with international MNCs, and its utilization of digital solutions to cement …


Interview: Mieczysław Wośko – President Polfarmex, Poland

Mieczysław Wośko, president and founder of Polfarmex, a leading Polish company, discusses the key factors behind the enterprise’s successful growth and the movement towards R&D to create their own treatments. Furthermore, he highlights the company’s international strategy and strong manufacturing …


Interview: Cristina Marti – CEO, Indukern Switzerland

Cristina Marti’s colorful and successful career has taken her across Asia from Spain, before settling in Switzerland with Indukern. In this interview, Marti explores themes of competition in Switzerland, the differences in global markets and why Indukern Switzerland and other …


Interview: Marija Krstic – General Manager, GSK Serbia and Montenegro

Marija Krstic, general manager of GSK Serbia and Montenegro, discusses how the various positions she has undertaken during her 13-year career at GSK help inform her current role, the initiatives that GSK Serbia is involved in to increase access to …


Interview: Luiz Calistro Balestrassi – Founder and President NEUROTEC®- BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY; Esperança Balestrassi – Neurotec Executive Director NEUROTEC®- BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, Brazil

Prof. Dr. Luiz Calistro Balestrassi, founder and president of NEUROTEC® –  Biomedical Research & Development Company from Itajubá-MG, Brazil, and his daughter Esperança Balestrassi, Neurotec´s executive director, discuss the past, present, and future challenges of this pioneering medical device company …


Interview: Karen Huebscher – CEO, Solvias, Switzerland

Karen Huebscher, CEO of Solvias, a Swiss-headquartered world leader in contract research, development and manufacturing, explains her decision to join the company after a distinguished career at Novartis, the evolution of pharmaceutical client demands, and Solvias’s evolving international footprint. After …


Interview: Predrag Bogavac – Country Head, OGM Serbia and Montenegro, a.i. Oncology General Manager Bulgaria and Macedonia Novartis

Predrag Bogavac, now Country Head, OGM Serbia and Montenegro, a.i. Oncology General Manager Bulgaria and Macedonia at Novartis, shares the highlights of the past two years as Country Head of Novartis Serbia and Montenegro, his responsibilities as Head of Oncology, …


Interview: Paulo Vitor de Andrade – Founder and Director, Grupo Polar, Brazil

Paulo Vitor de Andrade, founder and director of Grupo Polar, elaborates on his journey to build the Brazilian company of reference in cold chain solutions and the company’s relentless efforts to disseminate knowledge to improve the logistics environment in Brazil …


Interview: Poul Sorensen – Director, Geistlich Pharma Brazil

Poul Sorensen, director of Geistlich Pharma in Brazil, details the importance of educational activities for Geistlich’s business, the affiliate’s desire to bring new segments of Geistlich’s portfolio to Brazil and the necessity of adapting the business strategy to each region …


Interview: Marc Hasler – Head of Product & Market Development, Swiss Post

Marc Hasler, head of product and market development at Swiss Post, introduces the strategic significance of pharmaceuticals to the company, emerging trends in the logistics industry, and being a flagship company in Switzerland. Could you start by introducing the strategic …




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