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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Chris Molloy – Chief Executive, Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC), UK

Chris Molloy, chief executive of the Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC), discusses its role within the UK as a center for applied medical R&D and the future of the country’s drug discovery profile post-Brexit.  Could you please start by introducing the …


Interview: Dino Mangion – Head of Operations, Medichem-Combino Pharm Malta

Dino Mangion, head of Malta Operations at Medichem-Combino Pharm, has been leading the company through the harmonization of operations between Medichem and Combino Pharm and explains his strategy to increase the synergies between the two sites as well as the …


Interview: Jesus Aguilar Santamaria – President, General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain (CGCOF)

Jesus Aguilar Santamaria, president of the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain (CGCOF) discusses the role of the council in the Spanish healthcare system, in addition to exploring the benefits of the recent digital changes to the sector and how these …


Interview: António Cabral – General Manager, Medicinália Cormédica, Portugal

Medicinalia Cormedica is the leading Portuguese distributor of medical devices. Antonio Cabral, who has led the business in Portugal for almost a decade, introduces the company, explains its business model and how it is adapted to the Portuguese branch and …


Interview: Philip Pace – Managing Director, iCONSULT, Malta

Philip Pace, managing director of iCONSULT, a lean, need-driven healthcare service provider, discusses the holistic approach they provide to investors wanting to do business in Malta and international companies looking to increase their territorial presence, especially in MEA region, and …


Interview: Jaime Malet – President, AmCham Spain

Jaime Malet, president of the US Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Spain, discusses the importance of the trade relations between the US and Spain, with eight percent of GDP made up by American companies, the Chamber’s commitment to make Spain …


Interview: Joanna Gatt – Managing Director, Vivian Corporation, Malta

Joanna Gatt, managing director at Vivian Corporation, describes the key strategic focus she has set for her family’s marketing & distribution company as well as the strong values and reputation Vivian Corporation has acquired with experience.  Can you begin by …


Interview: Carla Benedito – General Manager, Shire Portugal

Carla Benedito, general manager of Shire Portugal, provides useful insight into the rare diseases landscape in Portugal. Carla discusses market access models for innovative and rare treatments, encouraging dialogue between industry and government, and the touching nature of working for …


Interview: Noel Chircop Managing Director, Eurofreight, Malta

Noel Chircop, managing director at Eurofreight Services Ltd, explains how together with Karen Calleja, general manager and their phenomenal team, he has built Eurofreight up into one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Malta. As it is the first …


Interview: Gary Hendler – Chairman & CEO, Eisai EMEA

Confirming Eisai’s commitment to keeping its EMEA headquarters in the UK, Gary Hendler, chairman and CEO EMEA, and Nick Burgin, COO and president of global value and access stress how the company is looking at Brexit as a glass half …


Interview: David Valenzia – Territory Senior Partner, PwC Malta

David Valenzia, territory senior partner at PwC Malta, gives his insights on the evolution of the healthcare industry in Malta as well as the key role of PwC in assisting local and global companies to successfully conduct their business on …


Interview: Carlos Teixeira – CEO, Teva Spain & Portugal

Carlos Teixeira, CEO of Teva Spain and Portugal, discusses the challenges the generic sector is facing in Spain, which ultimately spurred the company towards other business opportunities, and highlights the significant footprint of the Spanish affiliate, with its manufacturing site …




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