Interviews - Part 2

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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Jaime Rabi – Director, Microbiológica, Brazil

Jaime Rabi, director of Microbiológica, documents the unique development path of the company and its pioneering contribution to the production of antiretroviral medicines in Brazil, as well as its international partnerships with American success-stories like Pharmasset, which originally developed the …


Interview: Michał Pietraszek – General Manager, Apotex Poland

Michał Pietraszek, general manager of Apotex Poland, the leading Canadian generics powerhouse, discusses the affiliate’s strategic move into the OTC and food supplement business and the company’s niche-market approach to its Rx generics. Furthermore, he highlights the potential of Poland …


Interview: Venu Ambati – Managing Director, Abbott India

A passionate advocate for reverse mentoring, Abbott India’s managing director, Venu Ambati, discusses the productive investments that the company has made in India, and his intention to make digital technology, building interactive healthcare ecosystems and going ‘beyond the pill’ strategic …


Interview: Michael Dembinksi – Chief Advisor, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Poland

Michael Dembinski, chief advisor of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, discusses the important role of the chamber in driving forward Polish clinical trials and the challenges in unlocking Poland’s R&D potential. He also highlights the possible impact of Brexit …


Interview: Michel Robidoux – President and General Manager, Sandoz Canada

Michel Robidoux, president and general manager of Sandoz Canada, charts the extremely successful journey for this Novartis division. He explains the strategy Sandoz Canada has undertaken to expand its portfolio in the four business segments of generics, biosimilars, consumer (OTC) …


Interview: Mirosław Wysocki – National Consultant on Public Health; Professor, National Institute of Public Health (NIH), Poland

Mirosław Wysocki, national consultant in the area of Public Health, professor at the National Institute of Public Health (NIH), the research institute responsible inter alia for health promotion and disease prevention, discusses the overwhelming challenge of shifting the nation’s healthcare …


Interview: Hamouda Zaouia – Regional Manager Africa, Middle East and Turkey; Khaled Laouiti – General Manager Tunisia, Libya and sub-Saharan Africa, Pierre Fabre

Hamouda Zaouia, regional manager Africa, Middle East and Turkey, and Khaled Laouiti, general manager Tunisia, Libya and sub-Saharan Africa, stress the important strategic position the African continent has for Pierre Fabre. They describe the company’s approach when tailoring its portfolio …


Interview: Monika Constant – Director General, French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Poland

Monika Constant, director general of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Poland (CCIFP), discusses the evolution of the two nations’ bilateral business relationship, the benefits of conducting business in Poland, and the barriers preventing the next wave of foreign direct …


Interview: Stéphane Lassignardie – General Manager, AbbVie Canada

Stéphane Lassignardie, General Manager of AbbVie Canada, discusses the significant milestones for AbbVie Canada in the past three years, with major product and indication launches, the various initiatives it has introduced to support patients and healthcare practitioners, and the exciting …


Interview: Zoya Paunova – Country Director, AstraZeneca Bulgaria

Zoya Paunova, country director at AstraZeneca Bulgaria, explains how a great combination of an innovative product portfolio with a skilled and dedicated team has turned the local offering into leading brands in the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market and highlights that AstraZeneca’s …


Interview: Eric Tse – General Manager, Shire Canada

Eric Tse, general manager of Shire Canada, highlights the affiliate’s exciting journey over the past four years, including new office location in downtown Toronto, and the launch of six new products in 2017 alone; Shire’s portfolio of innovative solutions across …


Interview: Beata Ambroziewicz – Board Member, Polish Cancer Patient Coalition

Beata Ambroziewicz, board member of the Polish cancer patient coalition, an umbrella organization that encompasses 41 Polish cancer organizations, discusses the challenges and possible solutions in regard to hospital care and market access in the oncology community. She also highlights …




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