Interviews - Part 2

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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Carol Cheng – COO, Taiwan Research-Based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) [Blockchain Focus]

Carol Cheng, COO of the Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA), the association gathering 28 Taiwan-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical companies, highlights the association’s eye-catching initiative to boost international collaboration between academia and the global industry, thanks to the recent set up …


Interview: Bertrand Letartre – CEO, Anios, France

Bertrand Letartre of Anios discusses the company’s rich history, their move towards more technical offerings with the acquisition of Soluscope, internationalization, family values, and the company’s mission to spread awareness of the importance of hygiene in hospitals. This year Laboratoires …


Interview: Hernán Fernández – Managing Partner, Angel Ventures, Mexico

Hernán Fernández, Managing Partner at Angel Ventures, showcases the crucial role of private investments to enhance the national healthcare system as well as explains his action plan to raise the funds for the first regional venture capital fund in Latin …


Interview: Rahardjo Jamtomo – Executive Director, Kadin Indonesia

Rahardjo Jamtomo is the executive director of Kadin Indonesia, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that has seen its role increasing in recent years. As the Chamber has been participating more and more in the government discussions to improve …


Interview: James Chen – Chairman of the Board, Vetco, Taiwan

James Chen, founder and Chairman of the board of Vetco, the first Taiwan-based veterinary company to have successfully developed an innovative veterinary oncology product, documents the main specificities of Vetco’s flagship product, Antican®, as well as his strategy to bring …


Interview: Felipe Camargo – Medical Director & Founder, Ingenes, Mexico

As a firm believer that the family should be at the epicenter of the social fabric of a society, Dr. Felipe Camargo, Medical Director and Founder of Ingenes, shares the story behind the Mexican fertility clinic that boasts the highest …


Interview: Johnsee Lee PhD – Founder, President & CEO, Personal Genomics / Quark Biosciences, Taiwan

Johnsee Lee, founder, CEO, and president of Personal Genomics and its sister company Quark Biosciences, provides insights into the company’s proprietary Optoelectronic Sequencing (OES) technology, which can perform whole genome sequencing thousand times faster than existing technologies and increase read …


Interview: Henk Meertens – Vice President, Benelux, Central Europe, Greece & Israel, Medtronic

The VP of Medtronic’s Benelux, Central Europe, Greece and Israel cluster highlights the global medtech giant’s efforts to position itself as the partner of choice to tackle prevailing global healthcare challenges. Medtronic is famous for the concept of “value based …


Interview: Marco Cid – Director General, Investigacion Biomedica, Mexico

Marco Cid, Director General of Investigacion Biomedica, shares how he successfully launched an innovative clinical research center (CRC) despite a challenging regulatory environment. He speaks about the inspiration behind his business model, the necessity of building a strong rapport with …


Interview: Ben Chien – Chairman, President & CEO, Foresee Pharmaceuticals, Taiwan

Ben Chien, Chairman, President and CEO, of Foresee Pharmaceuticals, one of Taiwan’s most vibrant success stories, discusses how Foresee has achieved successful phase III results for its prostate cancer treatment, FP-001, IPOed and entered into a partnership agreement with Ferring …


Interview: Dr. Agus Prabowo – Chairman, National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP), Indonesia

Dr. Agus Prabowo, chairman at LKPP (the Indonesian National Public Procurement Agency) explains the importance of embracing technology to gain efficiency and effectiveness in the public procurement process of healthcare products as well as the outcomes from e-catalogue implementation in …


Interview: Hui-Ting Huang – President, Taiwan Adventist Hospital

Dr. Hui-Ting Huang, President of Taiwan Adventist Hospital, discusses the challenges of long-term care and the role preventive medicine plays within this scope, while also providing insights on running one of the most recognized hospitals in Taiwan and establishing a …




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