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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Steve Ford – CEO, Parkinson’s UK

Steve Ford, CEO of Parkinson’s UK, one of the UK’s leading research-based charities, discusses his organization’s recent Digital Leadership Award, presenting the needs of Parkinson’s patients to stakeholders, and why the UK will remain a leading research hub in the …


Interview: Binish Chudgar – Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Intas, India

In this exclusive interview, Binish Chudgar, vice-chairman and managing director of Intas, the largest privately-owned Indian pharmaceutical company with sales of over USD 1.7 billion during the last financial year, provides insights into the company’s growth model and M&A approach, …


Interview: Jan Kruk – President, Cefarm SA, Poland

Jan Kruk of Polish pharmaceutical logistics and distribution specialist, Cefarm, discusses the organization’s secrets of success, as well as the broader logistics and distribution landscape in Poland.  As the president of Cefarm, what are your goals and objectives over the …


Interview: Tony Jones – CEO, One Nucleus, UK

Tony Jones, CEO of One Nucleus, a life sciences membership organization centered on the Greater London-Cambridge-East of England corridor, discusses the role of SMEs within the UK’s healthcare ecosystem, translational research, and how the association’s members will navigate the post-Brexit …


Interview: Manuel Heitor – Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal

Portugal’s Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, details his plan to bring Portuguese scientific and business practices above European averages. Collaboration across industries, increased public and private investment into R&D and innovative global projects will pave the …


Interview: Stefano Carló – General Manager, Kronos Laboratories, Ecuador

Stefano Carló, general manager of Kronos Laboratories recently took over the reins of the family business his grandfather created in the 1960s. He elaborates on the company’s shift of focus away from the institutional market to focus on the private …


Interview: Lord O’Shaughnessy – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health, Department of Health and Social Care, UK

Lord O’Shaughnessy, parliamentary under secretary of state for health in the UK, discusses how stakeholders are interacting to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the global life sciences industry post-Brexit.  We have scrutinized the Life Sciences Industrial …


Interview: Salvador Lopez – General Manager, Mundipharma Portugal

Salvador Lopez saw an opportunity in the summer of 2015 to create the first Portuguese affiliate for Mundipharma. Three years on, he reveals how their business model, company culture and leadership has succeeded in disrupting the respiratory market with their …


Interview: Ben Ellis – General Manager, Lupin UK & Ireland

Ben Ellis, general manager at Lupin UK and Ireland, talks about the strategic challenges of transitioning from the sphere of generics to specialist pharma and how he hopes Lupin can change how it is perceived. Furthermore, he comments on the …


Interview: Vishal Thakker & Sunny Bhatia – Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Antonov Industrial Parks, India

Interview: Vishal Thakker & Sunny Bhatia – Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Antonov Industrial Parks, India

Vishal Thakker and Sunny Bhatia, co-founders and managing partners at Antonov Industrial Parks, provides insights into the unique offering of this ambitious and upcoming industrial development company, which offers highly equipped advanced industrial and warehousing solutions to pharmaceutical companies across …


Interview: Ana Dolores Román – CM & PEH Lead, Pfizer Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

Ana Dolores Román, general manager at Pfizer Ecuador as well as the first woman to lead the affiliate in the country, discusses promoting medical education, increasing patient access to innovations and being a leading light for the local pharmaceutical industry. …


Interview: Sir John Chisholm – Executive Chair, Genomics England

Sir John Chisholm, executive chair of Genomics England – a company set up and owned by the UK Department of Health to run the 100,000 Genomes Project, which aims to sequence 100,000 genomes from NHS patients with a rare disease …




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