Interviews - Part 2

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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Pierre Faraldo – COO, Biopas, Colombia

Chief Operating Officer of Biopas, Pierre Faraldo, depicts the explosive growth the company has been achieving in the past 15 years to become one of Colombia’s success stories, with the ambitious objective to position itself among the Top regional pharmaceutical …


Interview: Eugene Zaika – General Director Ukraine & CIS, Acino Pharma Start

Eugene Zaika, general director Ukraine and CIS of Pharma Start, a company acquired in October 2015 by Swiss-headquartered Acino Group and one of the leading players in Ukraine, provides insights into the group’s countercyclical investments in Ukraine, while Pharma Start’s …


Interview: Benoit Martineau – President Director, Sanofi Indonesia

Benoit Martineau, President Director at Sanofi Indonesia, explains the transformation of the Indonesian affiliate and reaffirms the strong commitment of Sanofi in helping the Indonesian government to successfully implement their patient access roadmap. Mr. Martineau, could you please introduce yourself …


Interview: Ludmila Bezpalko – CEO, BCPP, Ukraine

Ludmila Bezpalko, CEO of Borshchahivskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant (BCPP), a top 10 domestic pharmaceutical company in Ukraine, documents the development strategy she has been following over the past two decades to ensure BCCP now proudly stands as the Ukrainian leader …


Interview: Saanjay Shamdasani – Head, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Committee, American Chamber of Commerce Indonesia

Saanjay Shamdasany, Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy at Baxter and Head of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Committee at American Chamber of Commerce Indonesia, explains the importance of the collaboration between international healthcare companies and the national government …


Interview: Mogens Guldberg – General Manager, Novo Nordisk Austria

Mogens Guldberg, general manager of Novo Nordisk Austria, the Danish global powerhouse focused on innovative diabetic treatments, provides a unique insight into the obstacles associated with launching innovative products in Austria as well as the revolution required in Austria’s diabetic …


Interview: Helen Stimson – President, Delaware BioScience Association, USA

Helen Stimson, president of the Delaware BioScience Association, discusses Delaware’s attractive cost of living, legal system, interconnectivity, as well as the vital role that the life sciences play within the state. Ms. Stimson, after a distinguished career with Agilent Technologies, …


Interview: Alexander Boiko – General Manager, Novo Nordisk Ukraine

Alexander Boiko, general manager of Novo Nordisk Ukraine, provides insights into the recent progress and remaining room for improvement in Ukraine’s health capacity when it comes to preventing, diagnosing, and treating diabetes, as well as the company’s unique commitment to …


Interview: Suryo Suwignjo – President Director, Philips Indonesia

Suryo Suwignjo, President Director at Philips Indonesia, highlights the strong commitment and contribution of Philips to the development of the Indonesian healthcare system and how medical education is a crucial element in bringing high quality care to Indonesian citizens. Mr. …


Interview: Vladimir Tkachenko – General Manager, AMAXA, Ukraine

Vladimir Tkachenko, general manager of AMAXA PHARMA, a UK-headquartered pharmaceutical company focused on life-threatening therapeutic areas such as oncology and neonatology in the CIS countries, provides insights into AMAXA’s market positioning in Ukraine and the region, as well as his …


Interview: Henry Yau – Managing Director and Honorary Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong Clinical Trials Centre (HKU-CTC)

Henry Yau, MD and Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong Clinical Trials Centre (HKU-CTC) discusses the center’s development, the diverse range of services it offers, and the clinical trials environment in Hong Kong. Having been with the …


Interview: Wolfgang Andiel – President, OeGV, Austria

Dr. Wolfgang Andiel, president of the Austrian Association of Generic Medicines (OeGV, Österreichischer Generikaverband), which acts as a unified voice to represent generics companies in Austria, provides an in-depth analysis of the vicious cycle associated with establishing generics market share …




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