Interviews - Part 2

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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Newar Giraldo – General Manager, Humax, Colombia

Newar Giraldo, General Manager of Humax in Colombia, discusses the company’s role in countering monopolistic situations, their recent focus on OTC medicines, as well as their selective internationalization strategy based on regulatory fit, and his intention to enter the nanotechnology …


Interview: Kennet Brysting – General Manager, Gilead Sciences Canada

Kennet Brysting, General Manager of Gilead Sciences Canada, Inc. outlines the strategic significance of the Canadian affiliate to Gilead Sciences globally, including its manufacturing and R&D footprint, the challenge of managing the financial costs of breakthrough therapies, and Gilead’s success …


Interview: Deyan Denev – Executive Director, Association of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM)

Deyan Denev, Executive Director of the Association of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM), shares a clear overview of the role of innovative pharmaceutical players within Bulgaria, and the association’s commitment to working with government to enlarge patients’ access …


Interview: Günther Aschenbrenner – Managing Director, Théa Austria

Günther Aschenbrenner, managing director of Théa Austria, a specialist French ophthalmology company, discusses the development of the company’s Austrian office since 2011 and how a strong portfolio acquired by Théa from Alcon has assisted them in growing rapidly. Furthermore, he …


Interview: Felipe Jaramillo – President, ProColombia

Felipe Jaramillo, president at ProColombia, the government agency in charge of strengthening the country’s image, describes how Colombia successfully transitioned from being a war-damaged country to a business destination attracting exports, foreign investments and tourists. As an introduction, can you …


Interview: Antonio Cordova – General Manager, seca Latin America

Antonio Cordova, general manager of seca Latin America, shares the story of the recent establishment of the affiliate in Colombia that serves as a regional center for operations within Latin America. You were appointed general manager for Latin America a …


Interview: Karl Peter Schwarz – General Manager, LEO Pharma Austria

Karl Peter Schwarz, general manager of the Austrian affiliate of LEO Pharma, an ambitious Danish company leading the way in innovative dermatology treatments, provides an in-depth look into how global partnerships and acquisitions have impacted the strategies and operations of …


Interview: Ard van der Meij – Country President, Novartis Group Austria

Ard van der Meij, country president of Novartis Group Austria, the nation’s leading pharmaceutical company, discusses the advantages in Austria for innovative companies and the steps required to bolster the generics and biosimilars market share within the Austrian market to …


Interview: Rémi Quirion – Chief Scientist of Québec, Canada

Professor Rémi Quirion, chief scientist of Québec, discusses his mandate, encourages interprovincial collaboration between Ontario and Québec in the life sciences sector and explains the importance of engaging with civil society through social media to promote the value of research. …


Interview: Robin Rumler – Country Manager, Pfizer Austria

Prof. Dr. Robin Rumler, country manager of Pfizer Austria, discusses the evolution of their operations, especially since taking over the TBE and meningitis vaccine production plant, as well as the challenges facing the entire Austrian healthcare system today. Furthermore, he …


Interview: Carlos Alberto Florez – General Manager, Aspen Colombia

Carlos Alberto Florez, newly appointed general manager of Aspen Colombia, already has a very clear view on Aspen’s strategic direction, discussing the expansion of the infant nutrition segment and the recent acquisition of anaesthetics lines. He also underlines his passion …


Interview: Ed Dybka – President and CEO, AstraZeneca Canada

Ed Dybka, President of AstraZeneca Canada, highlights the successful ‘return to growth’ journey the affiliate has undergone in the past few years, his thoughts on the need for a renewed and modernized pharmaceutical framework agreement between industry and government, and …




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