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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Interviews


Interview: Leonardo Maffioli – Senior Marketing and Commercial Manager Fertility and Endocrinology, IBSA

Leonardo Maffioli, senior marketing and commercial manager of the fertility and endocrinology division of IBSA, discusses the story of IBSA Poland and the potential of the Polish market for the company. Furthermore, he highlights the market challenges of the country, …


Interview: Tarik Henein – President, Generic Medical Partners, Canada

Tarik Henein, president of Generic Medical Partners, explains the company’s commitment to improving the lives of Canadians by connecting global generic development and manufacturing companies with the Canadian market. He further comments on the key points for navigating the complex …


Interview: Maria del Pilar Muñoz – Vice President Sustainability and M&A, Eurofarma, Brazil

Maria del Pilar Muñoz, vice-president in charge of M&A and Sustainability at Eurofarma, one of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies in Brazil with operations in 20 countries across Latin Americ , provides insights into the key competitive advantages …


Interview: Sylvie Bertrand – General Manager, BSN medical, Canada

Sylvie Bertrand, general manager of BSN medical Canada, an Essity company, highlights the value proposition BSN medical’s products bring to Canadian patients in chronic venous insufficiency, diabetic foot ulcers and lymphedema, and how the company contributes significantly to the sustainability …


Interview: Jacek Glinka – President, Europe; Tomasz Buczek – Country Manager, Poland, Mylan

Jacek Glinka, president of Mylan Europe, and Tomasz Buczek, country manager of Mylan Poland, discuss the intricate dynamics of the European and Polish pharmaceutical ecosystem and the steps required to find a sustainable balance between government and industry to ensure …


Interview: Nikhil Masurkar – Executive Director, Entod Pharmaceuticals, India

Nikhil Masurkar, executive director of Entod Pharmaceuticals, talks about the company’s ambition to invest in stem cell research and become market leaders in the field of ophthalmology in ten years’ time by adding more cost-effective and highly effective dosage forms …


Interview: Šarūnas Keserauskas – Chairman, Lithuanian Competition Council (KT)

Šarūnas Keserauskas, chairman of the Lithuanian Competition Council (KT), discusses his decision to return to Lithuania from the UK, EU collaboration, and the level of competition within Lithuania’s healthcare and life science industry. From the personal standpoint, after working nearly …


Interview: Witold Włodarczyk – Director General Polmed, Poland

Witold Włodarczyk, director general of Polmed (Polish chamber for medical devices), discusses the Polish medical device landscape and the policy surrounding the sector, especially the proposed 2016 reimbursement act. Furthermore, he highlights challenges the insured must overcome to promote the …


Interview: Jean-Philippe Gentès – President & CEO, Sterinova, Canada

Jean-Philippe Gentès, President, and CEO of the rapidly growing ready-to-use injectable manufacturer Sterinova, shares his ideas on the ‘Made in Canada’ label, innovation in North America and the pros and cons of pricing pressures in healthcare. Sterinova is a prime …


Interview: Zydrune Visockiene – Head, Center of Endocrinology and Associate Professor, Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinkos, Lithuania

Interview: Zydrune Visockiene – Head, Center of Endocrinology and Associate Professor, Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinkos, Lithuania

Zydrune Visiockene, head of Vilnius University’s Center of Endocrinology and a key opinion leader on the topic of diabetes in the Baltics, casts his expert eye over the disease’s prevalence in Lithuania as well as the private and public sector …


Interview: Martynas Jocys – Marketing Director Baltics and General Manager Lithuania, AstraZeneca

Martynas Jocys, Baltics marketing director and Lithuania general manager at AstraZeneca, talks about the role that innovation has played in the company’s strategy, the need for increased patient access in Lithuania and the other Baltic countries as well as the …


Interview: Oliver Technow – President, BioVectra, Canada

Oliver Technow, president at BioVectra, highlights the company’s recent developments; amongst those a significant investment in a manufacturing site near Halifax. The resulting increase in manufacturing capacity by 40 percent will add to BioVectra’s position as the largest biotechnology company …




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