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Ramognino – Vice President & General Manager, & Victoria Vázquez – Medical Director, Ipsen Mexico

30.03.2015 / Pharmaboardroom

Mexico is a key market for Ipsen to consolidate its footprint in the Americas. The recently appointed general manager and the medical director of the Mexican affiliate discuss how penetrating the market is a hard, yet not impossible mission, how Mexican patients are increasingly involved in Ipsen’s global clinical trials and how the company is leveraging three strong partnerships with Sanofi, Galderma and Mayoly Spindler to pave the way to double the size of local operations within the next few years.

You have been appointed as general manager of the Mexico affiliate in July 2014. What mission were you entrusted with by the headquarters in France?

Francois Ramognino, General Manager, Ipsen mexico (3)François Ramognino (FR): Ipsen started local operations back in 2004 and Mexico is a very interesting market for the Group for a number of reasons: it still is an emerging economy; it is among the fifteen largest pharmaceutical markets in the world; and it features a very large and diverse population. This said, my mission is pretty simple: continue expanding the local business to capture the opportunity the market offers and launch all Ipsen’s products, which today are not present in the country.



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