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Alberto Martinoli – CEO; Maurizio Schiavazzi – Commercial Director, Jetpharma, Switzerland

Alberto Martinoli - CEO - JETPHARMAMaurizio Schiavazzi - Commercial Director - JETPHARMAThe global leader in the specialized niche of micronization services, Jetpharma is set for continued steady growth driven by the continued development of extremely dangerous-to-handle highly potent active ingredients.

To begin, could you please introduce Jetpharma and the field of micronization to our readers?

Maurizio Schiavazzi (MS): Jetpharma is a leading micronization service provider to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. This means we process a wide range of APIs, usually coming from pharmaceutical innovators, and using our spiral jet mill technology effectively, we break what is usually a powdered substance down into particles of a size consistent with our clients’ needs. With over 40 years of experience in this specialized field and currently registered by all major pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, Jetpharma has developed robust proprietary technologies which allow us to provide an unrivaled range of micronization capabilities and thus we work with the vast majority of the “blue chip” pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as a range of specialized firms of different sizes. We always ensure our clients the highest degree of confidentiality.



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