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Andreas Moschos – Founder, NextCRO, Greece

Untitled (13)In a landscape starved for innovative medicine, clinical trials stand as a beacon of hope for critical care patients in need of the latest high-value treatments. Pioneering the development of a thriving CRO environment is Andreas Moschos, founder of NextCRO, who fully embodies the forward-thinking values invoked by the company’s name. He spoke about the inspiration behind the company, its focus on harnessing top-quality scientific studies, as well as providing opportunities for proper care to Greek patients.

Mr. Moschos, you founded NEXTCRO in 2015 with the clear vision to provide high quality solutions across the entire research and development community. Could you please provide our global executive readers with a brief background of the inspiration behind starting the company?

The clinical research market is a very exciting one. I came across this field in 1998 when I ventured into my first CRO company, ZeinCRO. Prior to this, I’ve typically held sales and marketing roles in various pharmaceutical companies in Greece and the Middle East and therefore had a foundational understanding of the greater healthcare market at large. I came across the exciting area of clinical research at a time period when the market was at its mere emergence in many countries in Southeastern Europe and especially for Greece. The inception of ZeinCRO essentially opened the market for Greece and had set its benchmark standards and rule, alongside the authorities. It was important for us to not only work with the authorities, not only in regards with providing the regulatory framework, but also as a means to introduce the culture of clinical research at large and open up mindsets to the advantages that they bring. It is imperative that we showcase the plethora of opportunities available in terms of growing and opening up the market.



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