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Dr. Miriam Steimer – General Manager, Fast-Track Diagnostics (FTD), Luxembourg

Miriam Steimer, as employee number one of the Fast-track diagnostics success story, provides a thorough analysis into the company’s global footprint, the scope of operations in Luxembourg with both manufacturing and R&D activities, and the significance of the “made in Luxembourg” label. Finally, Ms Steimer shares FTD’s remarkably high levels of growth in recent years.

Since its inception in 2006, Fast-track diagnostics has grown from one employee in a single location, to over 60 staff in four different offices around the world; Luxembourg, UK, India and Malta. While manufacturing and R&D are conducted in Luxembourg, what is the role of the other three entities?

Fast-track diagnostics was founded in 2006 and the first sales of our products occurred in the middle of 2007. I was actually FTD’s first employee, and since that time, the company grew gradually, taking more staff on board every year. This year, we surpassed 50 personnel in Luxembourg with additional subsidiaries in the UK, Malta and India with a collective total of 14 people. In 2013, we realized we would need additional facilities for production and last year we finally managed to move that aspect of our business to Luxembourg. Next year, we are looking at increasing office and lab space, as we are anticipating further growth within the company.



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