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Dr. Siew Hwa Ong – Chairman, BioSingapore

Dr. Siew Hwa Ong, Chairman, BioSingaporeThe chairman of BioSingapore, Dr. Siew Hwa Ong, discusses the opportunities and challenges facing biotech SMEs in Singapore, government efforts to enhance the business environment for these SMEs, and facilitating more collaboration between companies as the most prominent pathway for future development.

Could you please introduce yourself to our international readers as well as the main purpose of BioSingapore?

BioSingapore was founded 12 years ago and I was appointed the chairman of the organization in 2015. The main purpose of BioSingapore is to be a platform where professionals and companies of the industry come together to connect and discuss the industry‘s opportunities and challenges, provide feedback to government, and share resources. The role of BioSingapore within the country is to create synergies between government initiatives and the local business community, creating value and expanding the business environment across the entire Singaporean medtech and biotech industries. Since its establishment, BioSingapore has increased its membership and now has more than 100 associated individuals and around 30 member companies.



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