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Ersan Kuçuk – General Manager, Drogsan, Turkey

Ersan Kuçuk HeadshotThe general manager of Drogsan, Ersan Kuçuk elaborates on the company’s efforts in shifting towards more value-added pharmaceutical products, specifically within the realm of biosimilars, while highlighting his ambitions in expanding the company’s presence within OTC. He also illustrates the decision to move Drogsan’s R&D department to the Gazi University Teknopark, and how this transition will enhance the company’s innovative capabilities.

Mr. Kuçuk, when we last met you in 2012, you had several ambitions including establishing more international partnerships. Now in 2015, can you please provide an overview of where the company stands today in relation to those goals?

In the past three years, I can confidently say that we’ve met our goals. With the support of more international alliances, we’ve been able to significantly expand our export business - now accounting for approximately 15 percent of our annual turnover. By the end of last year, we were able to cover all of our imports with revenues generated from the products and services that we exported abroad. Considering the country’s current trade deficit in pharmaceutical products, I view this as an excellent mark of our growth. In the next few years, we will continue growing our export business to diversify our profit margins and mitigate the downward pricing pressures faced in the domestic environment



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