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Jaap Heukers – Managing Director, UPS Healthcare Italy

_PPC4966 copiaLeading in some areas, lagging in others, the Italian healthcare logistics sector is on the brink of change according to UPS Healthcare’s managing director for Italy, Jaap Heukers. 

Each country has slightly different interpretations of certain regulations and compliance, given their unique regulatory development path. Coming from a global international perspective what you see as some of the differences, the unique interpretations of compliance?

In some ways, Italy is ahead of the game, while in other’s we see a time lag. For example, if we take the March 2015 EU GDP directive, it will only be fully implemented once it is signed as a law in Italy. On the other hand, in Italy it is already mandatory to do all transportation of active ingredients using active temperature controls, which is a much stricter requirement than seen in some other countries. Direct to patient deliveries also provide a relevant example, as we see countries like the UK have strong home delivery systems and companies in place, while in Italy this is really just beginning. Right now we are organizing a workshop with several pharma industry players to start a more intense discussion with ministry of health officials regarding what the best path forward for developing direct to patient services might be.



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