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Interview Joel

Bruneau – Head of Property Development, Omnicane, Mauritius

Joel-Bruneau”The Mon Trésor Smart City will cater to the business needs of the global healthcare and life sciences sector as no other smart city can.” The Head of Property Development of Omnicane Mauritius explains why while explaining the significance of the project for the sustainable development of the Mauritian economy.

There are seven other smart city projects alongside Mon Trésor on Mauritus. What advantages does Mon Trésor have to offer for the global healthcare and life sciences industry over the other seven smart city projects?

Every smart city is focusing on one major characteristic, which is unique to each. We are focusing on combining quality for business with quality of life. For businesses in the healthcare and life sciences industry, Mon Trésor will be the natural choice in Mauritius, as we cater their business needs as no other smart city does!



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