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John Bouros – CEO, Alvion Pharmaceuticals, Greece

14.03.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

John BourosJohn Bouros CEO and founder of Alvion Pharmaceuticals in Greece on the opportunities inherent in any economic crisis, the growth of the Greek generics segment, and his strategy for growth; both domestic and international.

Can you please start by telling us how your originally came to found Alvion back in 2013 right at the height of the drama of the Greek economic crisis?

Crises tend to create fresh openings for new players as the old structures and ways of conducting business are disrupted and swept away. I am firmly convinced that the winners of tomorrow will be born out of the transformative changes underway right now across the Greek pharmaceuticals and life sciences sectors. I personally recognized a number of business opportunities that even medium-sized players are not really taking advantage of. By starting our operations from a distressed market, we aim to become a Greek multinational. Right now, we are witnessing a new way of thinking beginning to emerge locally with regards to the role of generics in the market and this will necessitate a rethinking of the business model.



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