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Leo De Haan – Managing Director Benelux, Aurobindo, The Netherlands

Leo de Haan AurobindoLeo de Haan of Aurobindo discusses how to maintain a profitable business in times of rock-bottom generics prices in the Netherlands, the resulting second pillar of specialty products for the company and the growth ambitions for the affiliate over the next few years.

You have extensive experience in the generics industry and very recently joined Aurobindo as the General Manager for Benelux. What are your main strategic priorities for this affiliate?

Aurobindo’s mission was to have a stronger foothold in Europe and in order to do this we decided to target eight specific markets. In April 2014 we became the number one Indian generic player in the European market. Aurobindo has a very ambitious goal in Europe: introducing as many new molecules as we can in the next few years. To fulfill this objective, we can rely on our vertical structure sustained by more than sixteen production facilities around the world. In the US, we have three production facilities that are FDA approved.



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