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Orlando Silva Fernandéz – General Manager, Zurich Pharma Mexico

Untitled (15)Zurich Pharma was created with the vision of becoming a leader in the oncology segment at the international level. General manager and founder, Orlando Silva Fernandéz, discusses how state-of-the-art technology will help the company move to the next level.

Zurich Pharma was founded back in 2004. What has been the vision behind the creation of the company and what have been its major achievements over its ten years of existence?

Zurich Pharma is the result of the vision of three investors —including myself—, who have always worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Our company is a product of thoroughly analyzing both the Mexican public and private markets. We wanted to make a difference and focus on an unattended niche, which could provide us with a competitive advantage. For this reason we decided to enter the manufacture of high-quality oncology products. However, we were able to start operations only three years later due to changes in the regulation. Back in 2004 if someone wanted to launch or register a new drug or product, it was much simpler.



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