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Paul Doulton – Founder & Managing Partner, Oriundo, Mexico

Untitled (6)The founder and managing partner of the LatAm-based consultancy Oriundo, Paul Doulton discusses the company’s unique value offering—comprising both industry veterans and global associates to propel business development—while highlighting Mexico as the frontrunner in region’s pharma market, especially with programs like “doc-in-a-box” trailblazing patient access to healthcare.

Having such a longstanding career working within the industry, can you elaborate on the factors that ultimately led you to start your own venture and establish Oriundo in 1992?

Having worked everywhere in Latin America, it was clear that new entrants to the region, which encompasses 22 markets each with their own distinct dynamics, often struggle pinpointing exactly where, why, with whom and how to start. Our clients then benefit from our highly capable team of former healthcare CEOs that have amassed years of experience operating in these markets. We know our way around and do all the leg work. We develop tailor made market entry models to enable our clients get started and hit the deck running.



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