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Peter Ulvskjold – Corporate Vice President of International Operations, South East Asia, Novo Nordisk

29.12.2016 / Pharmaboardroom

0Peter Ulvskjold, the Corporate Vice President of International Operations in Southeast Asia, highlights the challenges in the region facing diabetics and how Novo Nordisk is working to close the gaps in access and education for insulin in the region.

You have been overseeing South East Asia for about a year now. How would you characterize the pharmaceutical industry in this region?

The pharmaceutical sector is under tremendous development in SEA. We are seeing a multitude of international and local players coming into the industry and in particular diabetes care. Many patients are undertreated and therefore the pharma sector views the region as one of potential and with substantial needs. Within diabetes; there are a lot of different insulin products coming to the market from well-known multinationals, such as Eli Lilly and Sanofi, but also from a number of new Indian, Chinese and Polish companies. This offers some challenges both from a quality and regulatory perspective but in the end, hopefully, patients will receive a better treatment. Insulin is a life saving and potentially lethal medicine if not produced and used correctly; patients can suffer very severe effects. So when we sell our products here, it’s not only about delivering a high quality product, it’s also about delivering an educational services platform, which is very much needed as more physicians understanding diabetes will help treat the pandemic currently taking place.



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