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Phau Hui Hoon – Assistant Vice President, Cargo and Logistics Development, Changi Airport Group, Singapore

untitledAs the world’s best airport, Changi Airport is also a fast growing hub for pharma freight shipping, and has demonstrated significant leadership in the world of pharma logistics hubs while advancing Changi’s quality standards and end to end service in Singapore. 

Changi Airport has recently been recognized as the best airport in the world, and also plays a leadership role amongst international airports in terms of promoting quality standards for pharma logistics. What should readers in the pharma industry know about the world of pharma air freight shipping?

Transporting pharma products by air requires very close cooperation amongst stakeholders along entire supply chain to ensure the right equipment, facilities, handling procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of the pharma products during transportation. This means there must be excellent communication between pharma shippers, logistics providers, and the air freight industry to ensure expectations are conveyed clearly and to minimize risk during transportation, particularly when a cold chain must be maintained.



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