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Philippe Sollie – Founder & Managing Director, Flen Pharma, Luxembourg

philippe-sollie-mw_plasticPhilippe Sollie reveals the inspirations behind Flen Pharma and how approaching dermatology from a pharmaceutical background has proved beneficial in building an innovative and competitive enterprise.

 When you founded Flen Pharma 16 years ago, the company was based in Belgium and was headquartered there until 2012 when you decided to move to Luxembourg. Why Luxembourg - given the small pool of possible patients and the still developing life sciences sector from a research perspective?

Many onlookers often think my decision to operate in Luxembourg was related to economics. It certainly was not a financially motivated decision to operate in Luxembourg because Belgium has a large amount of financial incentives to base your core business there. I originally wanted to operate in Germany but quickly found it was far easier to find employees willing to work between Belgium and Germany (Luxembourg). It was also easier to create a multi-skilled and multi-cultural team without potential language barriers as Luxembourg citizens can speak French and German and some can also speak Dutch. This level of language capability is a rare commodity to find elsewhere.



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