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Ravinder S. Singha – Managing Director, Firmlink Pharma, Philippines

Ravinder S. Singha Managing Director, Firmlink PharmaRavinder S. Singha, the Managing Director of Firmlink Pharma, discusses the unique business model they offer to their clients, their key success factors in entering new and sometimes challenging markets, as well as his views on the potential seen in many of the dynamic pharma markets around the world. He also shares his vision for the company’s continued success in the coming years.

As an introduction for our readers, how would you define the business model of Firmlink Pharma?

Firmlink Pharma is a young multi-national firm that uses the domain knowledge and relationships of its consultants to become the extended business development arm for its partner companies wanting to export their products overseas in their geographies of interest. We handle the entire gamut of work from product and partner identification to supply agreement firming to dossier vetting and filing to product approval from respective regulatory bodies to sales ordering post approval.



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