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Shigeo Taniuchi – Head of EMEA, Santen, Switzerland

5apr4472-copySanten’s Head of EMEA explains why the company established their new regional headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and highlights the three key strategic pillars on which he bases the growth strategy for the region.

As head of Santen EMEA, how important is your region today for the group and what key objectives and missions have you been given to develop the region further?

The EMEA region is the second largest ophthalmology market after the US. As Santen EMEA is not yet established to the full extent as it is in Japan, we are expected to provide significant profit and growth in the short-term future. Thus, we are of utmost significance from a pure financial perspective. Moreover, the European Union—as part of the EMEA region—is home to global quality standards, delicate HTA mechanisms, highly efficient manufacturing technologies and is a leader in many scientific areas. These are all non-financial assets we need to capture and strategically transfer across our global organization. The immense talent present here contributes to the strategic value of the EMEA region, which we believe will be a significant driver for establishing Santen as a truly global ophthalmology company. Two thirds of our employees are currently based in Japan. In order to achieve our Vision 2020—to be a global highly standardized pharmaceutical company—we need to diversify our talent, an area where the EMEA region will play a significant role.



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