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Tugce Gozacan, Owner & Okan Gozacan, Chairman, Marmara Ecza, Turkey

Tugce Gozacan HeadshotTugce Gozacan (pictured) and Okan Gozacan, Owner and Chairman of Marmara Ecza respectively, discuss what qualities are crucial for suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry, their process for forming partnerships and attracting clients, and their vision for a future with Iran as a major player.

As an introduction for our readers, please give an overview of where Marmara Ecza stands today, and describe what direction you plan on taking the company moving forward.

Right now, we mostly deal with excipients and with APIs, in the future we plan on shifting our focus increasingly onto APIs. Traditionally our specialty has been in excipients because each type of excipient, for example lactose, is demanded by multiple companies. So if we stock lactose we can sell it to many different companies. With APIs on the other hand each type of API is highly specialized, and each company requires a different kind, so we cannot stock up on them. Instead with APIs we will import them upon request in the amount requested and immediately sell them on. Today though we have a very strong excipients portfolio, so now is the time to move to APIs.



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