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Patients put first at digital health dialogue

partners_news 20.06.2017

The healthcare industry has been slow in adopting a digital transition. But one thing is clear, the industry is finally starting to put the patient first, when talking about the growth

Taiwan Facts & Figures Snapshot

facts 19.06.2017

Taiwan macroeconomic snapshot. Taiwan is highly ranked in a number of international competitiveness indicators such as knowledge economy, investment environment, and cluster development. Taiwan

Mexican Medtech: A Well Oiled Machine?

article 18.05.2017

Mexico’s medical device segment displays promising growth indicators, with innovative companies providing integrated and digital solutions now firmly embedded within the healthcare

First Three Subjects Randomized in SyneuRx’ SND13 Phase IIb/III NaBen© Schizophrenia Trial

partners_news 16.05.2017

SyneuRx International (Taiwan) Corp. today announced that the first three subjects have been randomized from the 11 subjects screened into the company’s SND13 Phase IIb/III clinical

EirGenix Scores Phase 1 Success for Its Leading Biosimilar Product EG12014

partners_news 11.05.2017

Taiwan, May 2 2017 – EirGenix, Inc. (EirGenix), a biotech company operating two business units focused on biosimilar development and CDMO business, today announced that its lead biosimilar

Top 20 Pharma Companies in Greece Ranking

facts 04.05.2017

In terms of value, global giants Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi lead the way in Greece. Click here to see more facts and figures from Greece

Greece Facts & Figures Snapshot

facts 04.05.2017

Greece Fact Sheet In comparison to other countries heavily affected by the Eurozone debt crisis, Greece is still struggling to find its feet. Greece fares poorly on almost all

Italian Switzerland: Creativity & Excellence

article 21.04.2017

The southern Swiss canton of Ticino does not have the life science reputation of Basel, Zurich or Geneva, but benefits from an open business environment, strategic location, and a

The Power of Taiwanese Technology

article 19.04.2017

Leveraging Taiwan’s remarkable talent pool in chemistry, some of the country’s fastest-growing companies have been concentrating their efforts on technology platforms that allow

A New Horizon for Greek Logistics

article 06.04.2017

Pharmaceutical logistics companies in Greece have had to work hard and innovatively to emerge from the debt crisis; focusing on leveraging international connections and maintaining



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