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Italian Switzerland: Creativity & Excellence

article 21.04.2017

The southern Swiss canton of Ticino does not have the life science reputation of Basel, Zurich or Geneva, but benefits from an open business environment, strategic location, and a

The Power of Taiwanese Technology

article 19.04.2017

Leveraging Taiwan’s remarkable talent pool in chemistry, some of the country’s fastest-growing companies have been concentrating their efforts on technology platforms that allow

A New Horizon for Greek Logistics

article 06.04.2017

Pharmaceutical logistics companies in Greece have had to work hard and innovatively to emerge from the debt crisis; focusing on leveraging international connections and maintaining

Ipsen: A Track Record of Excellence in Ireland

article 06.04.2017

These are exciting times for Ipsen in Ireland, with plans to expand the company’s already significant API manufacturing footprint to deal with increasing global demand for its products.

Ireland Facts & Figures Snapshot

facts 28.03.2017

Despite a comparatively small population by European standards, Ireland’s macroeconomic indicators remain healthy, with strong GDP growth rates. Ireland is globally competitive

Swiss Biotech’s Funding Quandary

article 22.03.2017

Switzerland has been long-established as one of the world’s most innovative countries and boasts a thriving ecosystem of startup biotechs. However, a slow and complex funding cycle

Brexit and Irish Pharma

article 17.03.2017

The UK’s decision to leave the EU in Summer 2016 sent shockwaves throughout Europe and left neighbouring countries struggling to interpret what ‘Brexit’ means for them. Ireland,

Staying the Course in Greece

article 14.03.2017

Despite the difficulties of the financial crisis and subsequent austerity legislation, pharma firms implanted in Greece have nonetheless continued to exhibit great commitment and staying

Europe Facts & Figures Snapshot

facts 07.03.2017

Europe accounts for 22.2 percent of global pharma sales; more than Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Latin America combined, but less than half of North America. The biopharmaceutical

Cannabis and Narcotics for Medicinal Use in Mexico

article 07.03.2017

Representatives of Olivares, one of the leading law firms in Mexico, explain the evolving status of cannabis and narcotics for medicinal use in the country. A new Bill authorizing the



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