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Regernage Mexico


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Regenerative medicine aims to replace or regenerate damaged cells, tissues, or organs, both structurally and functionally, which have lost their optimal biological regulatory condition. Regeneration in nature can occur at the cellular, tissue, organ, structural, and even whole body levels, but in humans is naturally significantly limited with aging.

To achieve a transformational level of technological advancement in this area for humans, RegenerAge is utilizing novel combination applications of biological interventions, including stem cells, soluble regenerative biologics, proprietary nutritional bio-products, functional and regenerative based diets, bioidentical hormone replacement, and skin / aesthetic rejuvenation tools, yielding an unprecedented, integrated option for activating the natural healing processes of the body and maintaining health and wellness.

Regenerative medicine incorporates various fields of science, including genetics, biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, advanced cell technology, and evolutionary dynamics, with the goal of allowing human bodies to recover cellular function, vitality and optimizing its integrated operation.

Smart prevention is the best initial approach for any disease, but once an illness manifests as part of a person’s life, regeneration and repair are invaluable options to restore health and restructure damaged tissues and cells within the human body. Recent biotechnology related advances present wonderful opportunities for RegenerAge to improve outcomes when patients need more than traditional treatments, as well as to increase lifespan and wellness for those conscious about their health and longevity.

RegenerAge is open to working with all types of patients according to their medical status. Our treatments may help patients who suffer from a variety of chronic degenerative diseases including, but not limited to: cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, kidney damage, different types of cancer, auto-immune diseases, CNS degeneration, and hematological disorders.


Address: BNY Mellon Center 1735 Market Street, Suite 3750 Philadelphia PA 19103 USA

Tel. +52 55 3028 4783




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