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Energy Boardroom

Margareta Olsson Birgersson

Roche AB Medical Director

roche-photo.jpgMargareta Olsson Birgersson has been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Big-Pharma) for eleven years both in Swedish and Nordic/Baltic organizations responsible for Medical affairs, Clinical operations, and Regulatory and Drug safety.

Since December 2011, she has been the Medical Director of Roche Sweden.

She has a background in hte clinical and research field in Cardiology and Internal Medicine.

She is a member of a scien­tific group led by Professor Jan Nilsson at King Gustaf Vth research institute performing immunohistochemistry studies on the etiology of stenotic aortic valves, between 1991-2000.

She is responsible for building a center of excellence for Grown Up Congenital Heart disease (GUCH) at Karolinska Hospital and initiated a National quality register for GUCH, and acted as director of the register for five years.

She was a member of the Scientific Council of Medicine and Health within the Swedish Research Council between 2007-2012.

Since April 2013 she is a member of the Board of SciLifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory, National Research Institute). 


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