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Articles tagged with: Spanish National Research Council


Pharma Interviews

Interview: Emilio Lora-Tamayo, President, CSIC, Spain

Emilio Lora-Tamayo, president of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), outlines Spain’s current strengths and weaknesses in the areas of research and innovation. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? CSIC consists of 125 research institutes, approximately 22 of …


Interview: Marc Wayne – CEO, Canopy Health, Canada

Marc Wayne, serial entrepreneur and a pioneer within the field of medical cannabis discusses his dedication to the field, how cannabis-based therapies have the potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and how now is a SMART time to conduct medical …


Interview: Efraim Lakierovich – General Manager, Celsius Ecuador

Efraim Lakierovich, general manager of Celsius in Ecuador, elaborates on the company’s recent internationalization, the unexpected challenges it has faced in the institutional market and his ambitions to grow the affiliate to the point that it surpasses the size of …


Interview: Warren Bravo – CEO, Green Relief, Canada

Warren Bravo, co-founder and CEO of Green Relief, speaks about the company’s unique growing technique – aquaponics – which allows it to produce ‘better than organic’ medical cannabis. He gives an insight into the organization’s expansion plans, both within and …


Interview: John Smith – Chief Executive, PAGB, UK

John Smith, chief executive of the PAGB, the UK’s consumer healthcare industry association, discusses the potential impacts of Brexit on the PAGB’s members, the importance of consumer healthcare to the overall UK economy, and why self-care remains a priority. A …


Interview: Bruce Dawson-Scully – CEO, WeedMD, Canada

Specializing on products adapted to the needs of seniors and long-term care patients, WeedMD is scaling up its production capacity to better meet the needs of this particular patient group while also preparing for the up-coming legalization of cannabis for …


Interview: Vinay Sapte – Managing Director, Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, India

Vinay Sapte, founder and managing director of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, provides insights into this company’s unique development path. Maneesh was one of the first Indian companies to establish joint ventures in the US and Europe more than ten years ago and …


Interview: Tomasz Mrzygłód – Managing Director, Olympus Poland

Olympus is internationally well-regarded as being a quality camera provider and continues to provide developed countries across the globe with high-tech medical devices from endoscopes to imagery solutions. Tomasz Mrzygłód, managing director of Olympus Poland, sheds light on the company’s …


Interview: Inese Bolmane – Business Development Manager, Cilmes Šūnu Banka, Latvia

Inese Bolmane, business development manager at Latvian stem cell bank Cilmes Šūnu Banka, explains the basic rationale behind stem cell banking and what differentiates Cilmes Šūnu Banka from the competition. Could you please start by introducing the Cilmes Šūnu Banka? …


Interview: Paweł Migdalski – CEO, Siemens Healthineers Poland

Paweł Migdalski, CEO at Siemens Healthineers Poland, discusses the innovations they are bringing to the market and how they are building on the success of the Siemens Healthineers Academy. Furthermore, he reveals the company’s digital care offering, the expansion of …


Interview: Roland Lepik – Cluster Head Baltics, Sandoz

Roland Lepik, cluster head Baltics at Sandoz, discusses the company’s strategy that has allowed it to rank number one in the Estonian market along with the importance of ever-closer collaboration with key stakeholders to enhance the uptake of biosimilars. Roland, …


Interview: Tomasz Dzitko – CEO, Delfarma, Poland

Tomasz Dzitko, founder and CEO of Delfarma, Poland’s leading parallel importer, gives an overview of the sector in Poland and its impact on the healthcare ecosystem, as well as the space for growth in the future, especially via the reimbursement …


Interview: Janis Biezbardis – Chairman and Owner, Farmeko, Latvia

Janis Biezbardis, chairman and owner of Latvian pharmaceutical wholesaler Farmeko, discusses the evolution of the company’s product portfolio, the receptiveness of the Latvian state to homegrown companies, and Farmeko’s international reach. Could you please start by telling us about the …




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