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A New Horizon for Greek Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics companies in Greece have had to work hard and innovatively to emerge from the debt crisis; focusing on leveraging international connections and maintaining quality to stay profitable. Now however, major new international investment into the port of Piraeus stands to put Greece back on the world logistics map.

John Kandylis, CEO of Greek logistics market leader Olympias, explains that the ravages of the debt crisis in Greece have not left logistics players unscathed: “The main impact we have experienced on the logistics side of the operations since the capital controls started was liquidity; companies lack liquidity and fail to meet their obligations. As a result, finding partners that have credibility and reliability has become an extremely difficult task.” Stefanos Agiopoulos, country manager at DHL Global Forwarding, Freight Greece tells how DHL leveraged its international connections to navigate through the crisis: “[We are] part of a real global network of which we are a very active member. We worked hard throughout the crisis and ensured that we connected ourselves to the cold-chain network to stay abreast with the latest developments.”

Both Kandylis and Agoipoulos highlight the importance of maintaining a high quality of service during such a period of instability, Kandylis highlighting that “it is very important to focus on quality … we have managed to upgrade all our services to TAPA level; this in combination with the GDP and HACCP certifications that the company already boasts completes the pyramid of quality, security and optimization.” Agiopoulos feels that DHL’s global network is what sets it apart in terms of quality, pointing out that “whether our customers are looking at DHL Greece, DHL Singapore or DHL Germany, we make sure that there is the same high standard of service and quality.”



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