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Global Trends In Healthcare Digitalization

PharmaBoardroom has spoken to a wide variety of actors at the cutting edge of healthcare digitalization over the past 12 months. Hot topics have included the healthcare industry’s slow reaction to digital trends, new modes of hospital care, homecare, and digitalization’s potential to expand access in remote and underdeveloped areas.

Industry Lag

“Conventional healthcare and life sciences firms are unequivocally late to the game and should long ago have been taking inspiration from other industries like financial services that have thus far proved more capable at embracing the digital change,” states QuintilesIMS chief digital officer (CDO), Richie Etwaru. While conventional firms have been sleeping, new healthcare actors such as technology giants Apple and Google have been able to steal a march on them; indeed, as Patrick Biecheler, senior partner at Roland Berger France boldly states, “I predict that technology companies will not merely be healthcare actors of the future, but the real winners!”



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