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Global Trends in Pharma Logistics

Over the past year, PharmaBoardroom has spoken to many of the global leaders in healthcare logistics from regions as diverse as France, Mexico, Luxembourg, and Singapore. As pharmaceutical and biotech products become more complex and the markets they serve become more diverse; these industry leaders have told us how their companies have had to consistently innovate and evolve to meet their clients’ needs


Although less discussed than R&D or patient experience, pharma logistics is a crucial and specialized subsection of the industry that is increasing in importance. As Daniel Pardo Bejarano, CEO of Mexican operations for Italian healthcare logistics specialist BOMI puts it, “as logistics companies, we operate at the center of an eco-system that gathers our customers’ manufacturing facilities, their medical and sales departments, and their customers.” Phau Hui Hoon, Assistant VP for cargo and logistics development at Changi Airport Group in Singapore notes that “Global spending on cold chain pharma shipments is growing at between eight and nine percent per year” and that Changi “sees pharmaceuticals as a high potential niche.”



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