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Ireland’s Indigenous Companies Growing Into Their Own

The strong flow of FDI into Ireland has led to a vibrant ecosystem of Irish service providers, who have grown up servicing the needs of pharma MNCs. Working for FDI clients has put Irish companies to the test and pushed them to work to the highest standards.

CEO Philip Martin, who set up Cora Systems, a project management organization software company, concurs: “the presence of these MNCs in Ireland means that we are used to operating at the highest standards of quality. Top global pharma companies – or any company, for that matter – will not buy from you if you are not the best. Facing this intensely competitive playing field has driven us to constantly innovate in order to stay on top, which now puts us in a good position to compete globally.”

Competing globally means staying on top of the dizzying array of changes the pharma manufacturing industry constantly undergoes and offering the best products. For Collen Construction’s CEO Tommy Drumm, this means he must stay up to date on the different innovations different companies are pursuing. For instance, “[a company might be] a significant player in single-use disposable technology. Then there is increasing emphasis on modularization and increasing the level of pre-fabrication as much as possible, which we encourage through BIM and having skids on-site. Other companies [might use] enormous 15,000-litre bioreactors … We are conscious that our clients will have different needs so we maintain the flexibility and expertise to tailor our solutions to their requirements.”



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