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The Power of Taiwanese Technology

Leveraging Taiwan’s remarkable talent pool in chemistry, some of the country’s fastest-growing companies have been concentrating their efforts on technology platforms that allow them to develop a plethora of potentially game-changing products, rather than focusing all their resources on the risky development of a single, potentially groundbreaking product.

“The true core of our company is our in-house developed technology platform, OralPAS®, a self-microemulsifying drug delivery system which allows the transformation of an existing, non-oral product (for example an injectable) into an oral dosage. In this regard, we clearly position ourselves as a technology-based biotech company rather than being focused on a specific therapeutic area,” confirms CS Hsu, president of Innopharmax, which was ranked seventh fastest growing high-technology company in Taiwan in 2015 by Deloitte’s “Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific” ranking. “Our teams have developed our technology platform from scratch, an effort that has clearly paid off as we now hold many patents in various international markets, covering not only the commercial rights of our products but also their APIs,” he says when analyzing Innopharmax’ impressive year-on-year growth rate of 519 percent that made it one of the fastest-growing life sciences companies in the region in 2015. “The potential of our technology platform has been drawing the interest of a rapidly-growing number of international pharmaceutical companies over the past years, essentially from China or India but also from North America and Europe, and we are now involved in several commercial partnerships all around the world, ” reveals Hsu.



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