Geoffrey Guy, David Meek, Tae Han Kim, Pierre Moustial, Vivek Sharma, Antonio Portela and many other remarkable people that are shaping the global life sciences industry shared with PharmaBoardroom valuable insights on the companies they lead and their vision for the future.


Geoffrey Guy

Geoffrey Guy is the chairman and founder of GW Pharma, the UK’s pioneering cannabinoid-based medicine outfit. In this interview, Guy candidly gives his optimistic outlook for his company post-Brexit, the initial discovery of the tremendous and varied uses of Cannabidiol (CBD) in healthcare and busting the stigma surrounding cannabis-related treatments.

Geoffrey Guy, Chairman, GW Pharma


David Meek

In this exclusive conversation, Ipsen’s Global CEO David Meek describes how the company has blossomed into an expanding international player within the areas of oncology, neuroscience and rare diseases. Meek also gives an insight into the current trends impacting the French pharma industry and Ipsen’s bold plans for global expansion.

Exclusive interview with David Meek, global CEO of Ipsen


Binish Chudgar

The largest privately-owned pharma company in India, Intas is also the nation’s only company to have had a biosimilar approved in Europe. In this interview Binish Chudgar, the managing director of the company, gives his take on Intas’s place in the biosimilar revolution, his plans to conquer the US market and the company’s growth model.

Binish Chudgar – Vice Chairman & MD, Intas, India


Pierre Moustial

We had the chance to meet with the Pierre Moustial, CEO of France’s wound-care champion URGO, and ask about his plan to establish the company as a global leader by developing more innovative solutions in wound-care and sleeping disorders.

Pierre Moustial – CEO, URGO Group, France

Markus Sieger

We spoke to Markus Sieger, CEO of Polpharma about his recent appointment and his strategies for the company. He also discussed Polpharma’s plans to widen its regional reach and the partnerships they are pursuing for the development of biosimilars.

Markus Sieger – CEO, Polpharma


Umang Vohra

In this interview with Umang Vohra, the global CEO of Cipla, discusses the company’s steady growth and how their success in India has helped them move into emerging markets. Vohra also touched on Cipla’s R&D strategy and the therapeutic areas that have their focus.

Umang Vohra – Global CEO & Managing Director, Cipla


Tae Han Kim

In this fascinating interview, Tae-Han Kim, president and CEO of South Korean powerhouse, Samsung Biologics, does not shy away from the company’s fierce ambitions to become a global leader in biosimilar production. He also shares how the company has become a leading Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) in just seven years.

Tae-Han Kim – President & CEO, Samsung Biologics, South Korea


Vivek Sharma 

Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS) is a world-leading Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). CEO Vivek Sharma has lead PPS through rapid growth with a strategy that augments organic growth with synergistic, well timed, acquisitions and here gives an insight into the trends shaping global demand for CDMO services and the importance he places on customer-centricity.

Vivek Sharma – CEO, Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS)


Antonio Portela

Antonio Portela, CEO of Portugal’s BIAL, updated us on the company’s internationalisation strategy, Portuguese market trends and upcoming patent challenges. He also delved into life at a family run company and maintaining a corporate/family image.

Antonio Portela – CEO, Bial


Murtaza Khorakiwala

In this fascinating interview with Wockhardt’s managing director, Murtaza Khorakiwala he explains the company’s aggressive strategy that has seen impressive financial results. He also speaks about Wockhardt’s important work in antibiotic production and the challenges they have faced when trying to penetrate the US and European markets.

Murtaza Khorakiwala – Managing Director, Wockhardt