Although the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rush to develop diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines dominated the global headlines in 2020, PharmaBoardroom’s network of industry insiders contributed pieces across a broad swathe of topics this year. See below for a selection of articles ranging from cross country pricing collaborations to AI ethics, cell and gene therapy payment issues, Chinese pharma reform, and why the USA’s innovation leadership position may be at risk.


Cross Country Collaborations in Europe: The Future of Pricing & Access Negotiations?

Merck VP for Global Market Access & Pricing Strategic Planning Marco Rauland examines the trend of collaboration between European countries looking to pool their resources on HTA, procurement, pricing, and reimbursement. Rauland compares the five most advanced such collaboration agreements currently active in Europe and the challenges and opportunities inherent in such initiatives.


Is the USA’s Innovation Leadership Position At-Risk?

David H. Crean, managing director for Objective Capital Partners, provides insights on US innovation and long term sustainability.


Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: Better Prepare Now for New EU Regulation

With upcoming EU regulation poised to have a massive impact on ethical regulations around AI in Europe, Bayer Head of Digital Transformation Saskia Steinacker argues that the time is now for pharma executives to start preparing themselves and their teams for the future.


Emerging Markets: How COVID-19 is Throwing New Light on the Role of Technology in Health

Dr Ann Aerts, head of the Novartis Foundation, highlights how the COVID-19 crisis has thrust artificial intelligence in healthcare into the limelight, and makes three bold predictions for the future of the field, especially in emerging countries.


Speeding up the Search for Safe & Effective COVID-19 Therapies & Vaccines

IFPMA Director General Thomas B. Cueni shares the outcomes of a recent high level pharma industry media briefing on the search for a COVID-19 treatment; highlighting the unprecedented levels of collaboration being demonstrated as key industry players work towards a common goal.


Paying for Cell & Gene Therapy in the USA: Is the Future Already Here?

Certara’s Ulrich Neumann looks at the challenges that payment models for cell and gene therapy (CGT) have faced, the multiple models now under development, and why an open and collaborative approach among US healthcare stakeholders is needed if the significant legal and practical barriers are to be overcome.


Putting People Ahead of the Maths: Addressing the Limitations of Today’s Approach to HTA

Mike Glover, Vice President Global Head of Access and Pricing Strategy Oncology at GSK outlines that while new mathematical approaches to health technology assessment (HTA) have been hugely beneficial, a broader approach that includes the insights of individual people is necessary to truly drive forward better health outcomes.


Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Critical Challenges, Innovative Responses

Deloitte’s Omkar Kawalekar, Hussain Mooraj, and Amit Agarwal examine the evolution and future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing and the areas in which biopharma firms need to invest in order to succeed in this emergent field.


China’s Regulatory Reform and its Contribution to Global Pharmaceutical Innovation

Song Ruilin, chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) highlights the leaps and bounds with which the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has developed in recent years, the country’s increasingly important role in the global innovation landscape, and why cross-border collaboration is more crucial than ever in the time of COVID-19.


Would the Last Pharmaceutical Investor in Europe Please Turn the Lights Out?

EFPIA’s Nathalie Moll highlights how Europe can reverse its decline in the global medical research standings and once again make the continent a world leader in medical innovation.