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India’s National Cancer Grid: Joining the Dots on Cancer Care
Daniel Nizri – President, French League Against Cancer (Ligue Contre le Cancer)
EMA 2023 New Drug Approvals: Cancer at the Forefront
Ramakant Deshpande – Executive Chairman, Asian Cancer Institute
The Scientist & Entrepreneur Combining Forces to Change Cancer
Aisha Abdulla Al Mulla – Director, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP), UAE
Addressing Cancer Health Disparities in Latinos via Clinical Trials
Spain Pharma News Roundup: Layoffs at Grifols; PharmaMar Lung Cancer Approval; Esteve Inhaled Parkinson’s Treatment
China Pharma News: Approval of 2 Domestic COVID-19 Treatments; Roche/CARsgen Partnership; Takeda Colorectal Cancer Deal
Taiwan Biotech News: Gongwin-KY’s Lung Cancer Approval, Anxo Pharmaceutical/Genovior Alliance, Ever Supreme Bio’s Cell Therapy
Egypt’s Transformative Healthcare Initiatives in HCV & Breast Cancer
Singapore Healthcare and Pharma News: Boehringer Ingelheim/A*STAR Partnership; Amgen Sponsors NSG BioLabs; GE Cancer Collaboration
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