DIA Global Forum’s annual review of new drug approvals in China has shown growth in both the number and types of new drugs approved in China from 2019 through 2021: from 34 new chemical drugs and 19 biological products in 2019 to 37 new chemical drugs and 24 biological products in 2021. This podcast explores this growth in the context of the regulatory reform begun in China in 2015. “The annual number of new drug approvals reached a record high of 61 in 2021,” explains Global Forum China Regional Editor Ling Su (Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Yeehong Business School; Venture Partner, Lilly Asia Ventures). “In 2021, among the 61 new drugs approved, 31–slightly over 50 percent–were developed by local companies, and this was the first time that domestic companies received more new drug approvals than foreign companies in a given year.”


This podcast was originally published on the DIA Global Forum website here.