Company Spotlight: Medi-Radiopharma


Established in 1997, Medi-Radiopharma is a Hungarian privately held company operating in the field of nuclear medicine, a specialized area of radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials, or radiopharmaceuticals, to examine organ function and structure. Breakthroughs in neurocranial and prostate tumour treatment have brought nuclear medicine into the spotlight, with Novartis notably having invested over USD six billion within the past two years to expand their capabilities in the field.


Medi-Radiopharma provides 16 different technetium cold kits which are used for diagnostic purposes. “Our company’s forte is to manufacture sterile lyophilized drug products with the highest quality possible while offering a broad portfolio. Our spectrum of product offering competes and complements the portfolio of players like GE Healthcare or Curium Pharma in Europe,” says CEO Gergely Jánoki. In diagnostics, specific radioisotopes allow specific devices to image tissues, organs, or cells, allowing physicians to identify anomalies in the biological functions or tumour growths. 


Medi-Radiopharma’s product quality is its competitive advantage, and that is never compromised for the sake of increased margins

Gergely Jánoki, CEO


Medi-Radiopharma’s two decades of operation is a success story reflecting the passion and commitment of Jánoki’s father who founded the company. Looking back at 2019, he highlights the company’s impressive growth of “more than 60 percent this year and the demand for our products has been booming.” Over the years, Medi-Radiopharma has managed to steadily increase its turnover and size. According to Jánoki, part of this success is due to the organizational improvement in manufacturing processes which marks the company’s transition from a small to a medium-sized company. “Besides our ongoing R&D, we prepare to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals by investing in a new production facility to increase our capacity,” he reveals.


“Our business decisions are not driven by profits or higher turnover. Medi-Radiopharma’s product quality is its competitive advantage, and that is never compromised for the sake of increased margins. Having a customer-centric approach is the driving strategy of the company,” Jánoki affirms.


The manufacturer distributes to over 70 countries around the world with ambitions to expand even further to the most strategic global markets. “We cater to a wide range of products that vary depending on shifting demands…Our goal would be to receive US FDA and Japanese PDMA approval, solidifying quality deliverance of our products,” he ambitiously foresees. However, like many CEOs of healthcare companies, Jánoki realizes it is a long road to such achievements that should be taken step by step. “Medi-Radiopharma will accomplish this by growing organically and finalizing the new facility necessary to meet these new milestones,” he adds.


Jánoki firmly believes that Medi-Radiopharma’s family history and internal culture have been instrumental in the company’s success. “My team and my father are my biggest source of pride. Without him establishing the foundations I would not have been able to hire our exceptional people that are passionate, talented, and ambitious. It is remarkable how positive employees react when given unconditional trust, rewarding you with exceptional results.”

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