Company Spotlight: Puerto Rico’s Quality & Compliance Experts


When life sciences companies decide to transfer the production of new drug to Puerto Rico, extend an existing production line, or simply sustain existing operations, they can count on the support of a vast network of service providers with unmatched expertise in quality and regulatory compliance, from premarket approval (PMA) submission, design transfer, validation, to quality control.



The original strengths of ECHO have been greatly enhanced by tapping into the strengths of PharmaLex

Limaris Alvarado, PharmaLex


ECHO Consulting Group is one such example. Through its 17-year history, the company has become a preferred supplier to the life science industry in all areas of the validation lifecycle, quality systems and regulatory compliance. The company has also positioned itself as a key purveyor of educational resources to the local industry. It holds educational summits annually where international experts and local professionals present their perspective on specialized topics in order for the industry to stay up to date with the latest trends. Moreover, it is certified by the Puerto Rico College of Engineers to provide continuous education to their members.


Recognizing the value of its expertise, PharmaLex, a worldwide provider of consulting services in drug development, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and epidemiology, and quality management and compliance, last year acquired ECHO Consulting and rebranded as PharmaLex Puerto Rico. As Limaris Alvarado, business operations director, explains, “PharmaLex has over 25 offices in 14 countries and combines local expertise with global reach in those areas. By integrating with PharmaLex, the original strengths of ECHO have been greatly enhanced by tapping into the strengths of PharmaLex.”


Merging with the global consulting group has opened the door to the US and international markets. “The merger has accelerated our expansion plans and growth by providing existing clients as well as new clients in new markets and locations a wider array of services encompassing the entire product lifecycle,” rejoices Limaris Alvarado. By participating in projects outside Puerto Rico, PharmaLex Puerto Rico is also gaining exposure to new manufacturing modalities such as gene and cell therapies. Alvarado hopes that as these new manufacturing modalities come to Puerto Rico, the company will be uniquely positioned to welcome them.

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