India: Good Endings, Good Beginnings


What probably best explains the contrasts in the Indian pharmaceutical landscape is the fact that India can take many shapes and forms and that different companies in India will keep pursuing different strategies. On a final note Glenmark’s Saldanha says that ‘there are some who will continue to focus on manufacturing; some who will identify themselves as contract-research outfits; some who will say they want to be global product-driven companies; some who will say they want to be generic companies; some who will say they want to be API suppliers to the world; and some who want to be truly novel and innovative.’

Whichever strategy is chosen embracing innovation in the broader sense will remain instrumental in achieving the crucial degree of differentiation in India’s highly fragmented pharmaceutical landscape. Companies that will manage to combine differentiation with strong local and international partnerships can be sure to enjoy the significant growth perspectives of Indian pharma and secure a strong foothold in this future top 10 market.


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