INCa – Institut National du Cancer

(The National Cancer Institute)




The National Cancer Institute (INCa) is the state agency of health and scientific expertise in oncology in charge of coordinating actions to fight against cancer. Created by the public health law of August 9, 2004, it is placed under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health on the one hand, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of ‘somewhere else.

The National Cancer Institute is constituted in the form of a public interest group (GIP) which brings together the State, the major cancer associations, the health insurance funds, research and hospital federations. Norbert Ifrah is chairman of the board of the National Cancer Institute and Thierry Breton, director general.

Key People:

Norbert Ifrah, Chairman

Thierry Breton, Director General








ANRS – Agence de Recherche sur le Sida-HIV

National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis





Key People:

François Dabis, Director

Created in 1988, the ANRS  aims to facilitate, evaluate, coordinate and fund research programs in the field of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis viral, regardless of the scientific field concerned (basic research, clinical research, epidemiology, human and social sciences, public health research, vaccine research).

Its 2019 projected budget amounts to 43.8 million euros. It is the only public agency in Europe dedicated to scientific animation and funding of research on HIV / AIDS and viral hepatitis.


Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate, animate and fund all public research on AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C in France. This includes basic, clinical, vaccine, social science research.
  • Develop research programs in these disciplines in resource-limited countries particularly affected by these diseases.
  • Identify the teams likely to play an important role in this field of activity and
    attract them by providing appropriate incentives.
  • Develop the possible interactions between the different fields of research and to ensure the coordination of research.



Inserm – Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale

(National Institute of Health and Medical Research)



Key People:

Dr Gilles Bloch, President and CEO

Established in 1964, Inserm is a public institution of scientific and technological nature, under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research. Dedicated to biological research, medical and human health, it is positioned on the entire path from the research laboratory to the patient’s bed. On the international scene, it is the partner of the largest institutions engaged in the scientific challenges and progress of these fields. Under Inserm are 9 thematic institutes: – Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology, psychiatry – Cancer – Immunology, inflammation, infectology and microbiology – Physiopathology, metabolism, nutrition – Public health – Technologies for health – Molecular and structural bases of life – Cell biology, development and evolution – Genetics, genomics and bioinformatics


Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Ensure strategic, scientific and operational coordination of biomedical research.
  • Coordinate health research in close partnership with the Hospital, the University and other public institutions.
  • Support the staff of the Institute, to identify and integrate ethical issues from the inception of their projects through Inserm’s Ethics Committee.
  • Provide collective expertise to public authorities and elected officials for the purpose of their decision making.
  • Coordinate action programs between Inserm and patient organizations, people with disabilities and their families.
  • Disseminate knowledge on a national level.



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