The latest stories from Mexican pharma and healthcare, including Sanfer’s purchase of Colombia-based manufacturer Vitalis; Organon Mexico’s new business; the FDA’s warning to Glicerinas Industriales, and a look at the issues, including health, the new Mexican president will have to face.


Mexico’s Health Ministry issues measles alert (Mexico News)

Mexico’s Health Ministry (SSa) has issued a public health alert amid a rise in measles cases in the country, recommending that families take children to health centers to get the measles vaccine.

“(To) prevent local-origin cases of measles … the National Center for Child and Adolescent Health (Censia) of the Ministry of Health recommends that parents or guardians take children and adolescents to health units to get vaccinated, in case they lack any doses to complete their immunization program,” the alert says.


Organon Mexico launches a new business (Forbes Mexico, in Spanish)

The pharmaceutical company also seeks to trigger a network of complementary services between manufacturers, suppliers and logistics forces in the CDMX.

The proposal by the pharmaceutical company Organon is to outsource the maquila of medicines, a competitive advantage that is part of nearshoring and allows producers to reduce their operating costs, optimise logistics processes and cut investment in fixed assets. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions – by reducing and concentrating supply chains – and contributes to consolidating a regional trade bloc.


FDA slams Glinsa with another warning letter after it blew off an inspection in 2022 (Fierce Pharma)

Mexico’s Glicerinas Industriales, which supplies drug components like glycerin to pharmaceutical manufacturers, was nailed with an FDA warning letter that cited the company for product testing and documentation issues.

The warning letter follows an inspection conducted at the company’s Zapopan facility from May 8 to May 12 last year. It also comes in the wake of a separate warning letter from June 2022, when the FDA put the company on notice for refusing an inspection.


Federal government owes $10 billion to Mexican pharmaceutical industry (El Imparcial, in Spanish)

Experts have warned of a worrying delay in payments by the federal government to Mexico’s drug manufacturing and distribution industry. According to Rafael Gual, director general of the National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry, the debt exceeds 10 billion pesos, and although it was expected to be settled by the end of March, only 15 percent has been paid.


ACON Investments Signs Definitive Agreement to Sell Vitalis to Laboratorios Sanfer (PR Newswire)

ACON Investments (“ACON”), a private equity investment firm based in Washington, D.C., announced today a definitive agreement to sell Vitalis to Mexican multinational Laboratorios Sanfer.

Vitalis is a Colombia-based manufacturer and wholesaler of injectable products used in hospitals, medical institutions and pharmacies across Latin America. The company has over 700 individual product registrations in more than 20 therapeutical areas, and a 45-year track record.


Security, health and education: the challenges facing Mexico’s next president (CNN Espanol, in Spanish)

On 1 October, Mexico will have a new president. Whether it is the candidate of the ruling party, Claudia Sheinbaum, or the opposition candidates, Xóchitl Gálvez and Jorge Álvarez Máynez, whoever is elected will receive the country with challenges to solve. Experts consulted by CNN agree that the main challenges facing the next head of the executive branch will be security, access to health and education.