This new issue of China Healthcare and Life Sciences Review (compiled in December 2019) provides a retrospective of the tremendous gains the Chinese healthcare industry made in 2019 while simultaneously anticipating the challenges and opportunities on the horizon in the new decade.


From the steady national expansion of pilot regulatory reforms to the continuing exuberance of enterprising biotechs to the bold multidimensionality of multinationals’ investment in China, the report serves to recap the noteworthy advancements and positive trajectory of the Chinese healthcare sector even as the country pulls together to deal with the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


China has dominated the global healthcare story in both positive and negative ways over the past years and what is clear is that global scrutiny and attention will continue in the future. Over the past year, as over 160 industry leaders and executives working in China have shared their insights and experiences on the ground, their sense of purpose, their sheer enthusiasm and their tireless energy have been truly striking.


It is clear that there is no industry and no country more exciting to be than China – and we invite you to hear some of the first-hand accounts yourself inside this China Healthcare and Life Sciences Review February 2020 edition.