The top 10 most-read interviews on PharmaBoardroom in 2020 represents the broad geographic scope we have had in the past year. From Mexico to Morocco and Romania to Riyadh, these local insights help give a more well-rounded global picture of our industry today.


1. Bill Sibold, Executive VP, Sanofi Genzyme

Speaking exclusively to PharmaBoardroom, Sanofi Genzyme Executive VP Bill Sibold outlines Sanofi’s strategy for its specialty care unit, the wealth of potential breakthrough assets in its pipeline, product launch strategies, and the post-COVID industry of tomorrow.


Since I joined in 2011, it feels as if my time with Sanofi Genzyme has been one constant, giant launch! …the fundamental challenge but also opportunity in specialty care is the need to understand the challenges and priorities of the individual patient and physician communities

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2. Teresa Rodó, EVP, Head of Global Healthcare Operations, Merck

Teresa Rodó gives an overview of her role overseeing the development, manufacturing, supply, and quality of all of Merck’s biotech and pharmaceutical medicines and medical devices. Rodó also explains how the company has been able to withstand the supply chain challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and why Merck is at the forefront of supply chain sustainability and the integration of cutting-edge digital tools.


When the already-high levels of motivation and engagement among our employees were combined with the additional sense of purpose and urgency that COVID-19 has brought, our employees have been able to do amazing things

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3. Taher Hassen, General Manager Morocco & Tunisia, Merck

Taher Hassen, GM for Morocco and Tunisia at Merck, gives insights into navigating market access in the complex Moroccan pharma market, outlines, the challenge of introducing biosimilars, and the enduring importance of North Africa for Merck.


Morocco is a very attractive country in terms of investment, given its stable currency, good infrastructure, industrial production capacities, and connectivity with Europe and the rest of Africa

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4. Emran Khan, Expert Endocrinologist, King’s College Hospital Dubai

Dr Emran Khan, an endocrinologist at King’s College Hospital Dubai, provides an overview of the prevalence of diabetes in the UAE after studies revealed that around 17 percent of the population suffers from the disease. Moreover, Dr Khan analyzes the country’s efforts to combat the disease and the role that the pharmaceutical industry can play going forward.


About 38.7 million adults between the ages of 20 to 79 [in the MENA region] are currently diabetic, which means that, by 2040, about 82 million people in the region could become diabetic

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5. Veronique Walsh – General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb Benelux

Veronique Walsh, General Manager of Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) – Benelux, explains her ambition to build a new company culture following the acquisition of Celgene. Walsh also lays bare the prospects for bringing innovation to Belgian patients and explains how BMS continues to deliver on its promise of transforming lives through science amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


We want to combine the agility of a biotech with the experience of a Big Pharma company

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6. Mouloud Boukhachab – Head of Africa Middle-East & Turkey, Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre’s recently appointed head for Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, Mouloud Boukhachab, outlines his career trajectory, having worked and managed in geographies as diverse as BeNeLux and Morocco. Boukhachab also states his priorities for his new position and his strategy for navigating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures.  


[One of our priorities] is the absolute need to focus. That means choosing on which market to focus, as you cannot tackle every opportunity at the same time. Focusing on brands or territories where you can have the highest returns is really the key to success

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7. Ali Besri, General Manager Morocco & North Africa Cluster Lead, Pfizer

Ali Besri, Pfizer Morocco GM and North Africa Lead reveals the importance of Morocco’s stability and assets allowing the country to be recognized internationally for its manufacturing investments and capabilities and highlights how Pfizer has capitalized on this with a footprint in the country for over half a century. Looking to the future, Ali underlines the importance of a favourable market-access environment to progress further and faster and ensure Moroccan patients have access to innovative therapies.


There is definitely a strong willingness from the Moroccan authorities to harmonize regulatory, pricing and reimbursement processes, switching from sequential to parallel processes

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8. Ameet Mallik, EVP, Head of US, Novartis Oncology

Ameet Mallik, Executive VP and Head of Oncology for the US at Novartis Oncology highlights the company’s culture of ‘curious, inspired, and unbossed,’ how Novartis differentiates itself in a highly competitive oncology landscape, learnings from recent product launches, and how Novartis is working to make its CAR-T therapy more accessible to all patients.



At Novartis, we do not shy away from competition. It is a good thing and it demonstrates the attractiveness of the market. There is a reason the oncology space is so competitive.

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9. Jielun Zhu – CFO, I-Mab Biopharma, China

I-Mab Biopharma CFO Jielun Zhu recaps the exciting milestones for the company over the past year since our last interview in May 2019, including most notably their NASDAQ IPO in January 2020, as well as shares some insights on the NASDAQ IPO experience.


Before the IPO, we might have been seen as a mostly Chinese company working on interesting science and products, but now we are evidently a globally-ready and serious biotech looking to make a difference for patients across the world

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10. Sofia Lahlou, Country Manager, Versalya, Morocco

Sofia Lahlou, country manager for women’s and children’s health specialist Versalya in the Moroccan market, discusses the company’s formation, its therapeutic priorities, and the opportunities that exist for women in leadership in Morocco.


Today, we are the only laboratory in Morocco exclusively dedicated to women’s and children’s well-being, supporting women through the different stages of their life and helping their children achieve healthy development

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