PharmaBoardroom has spread its wings far and wide in 2021 (albeit digitally!), from well covered markets such as Singapore and Switzerland to new frontiers like Saudi Arabia. Our interviewees have ranged from regional Big Pharma and medtech general managers, to the CEOs of important local players, and the heads of regulatory bodies; all of whom are represented in our Top 10 most read interviews of the year so far below.


Mohammed Nasser – General Manager, Amgen Middle East & Africa

Amgen’s Middle East and Africa General Manager Mohamed Nasser discusses the company’s approach to the region; the opportunities in the Saudi market, given its improved regulatory environment; and the disadvantages of its reference pricing system. In addition, Nasser explains Amgen’s approach to Saudization and the company’s place within Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.


The biggest opportunity [in MEA] is to help accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of patients, too many of whom fall through the gaps of healthcare coverage expansion. The question remains how companies should approach this opportunity; I suggest choosing areas where one can have the deepest and fastest impact

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Shiva Kannan – Vice President Commercial & Chief Information Officer, GE Healthcare

Shiva Kannan, VP and Chief Information Officer for GE Healthcare in over 120 countries, discusses the company’s journey over the past few years and the company-wide digital transformation he has led the implementation of. Moreover, he explains why GE is looking at a subscription-based model for some of their hospital equipment and the internal processes which are leading to leaner operations.


There is a large amount of data available [in healthcare] which has not been used to its full potential

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Ayman Tamer, Chairman & Managing Partner, Tamer Group

Aymen Tamer, chairman and managing partner of historic Saudi healthcare firm Tamer Group, outlines how, informed by Saudi’s Vision 2030, the company is adapting to better meet the needs of the rapidly evolving domestic pharma market. Tamer also touches on the challenges of succession planning, why a deep and long-term commitment to Saudi is the only guarantor of success in the country, and how greater representation of locals and women in the workforce has the potential to be truly transformational.


The days of picking low hanging fruit [in Saudi Arabia] are over; the only strategies that will be rewarded are those based on deep and long-term investment in local content

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Alejandro Paolini – Managing Director Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Siemens Healthineers

Alejandro Paolini, Siemens Healthineers’ managing director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, dives into the medical technology industry’s business model transformation, switching from selling products to services with a risk-sharing approach. In addition, he reflects on the impact of the pandemic on the company’s performance, its unique presence in Central America and the ways in which Siemens Healthineers can help close the gap between the quality of healthcare accessible in the public and private sectors.


We are looking for value partnerships and I believe that Siemens Healthineers is a pioneer in this regard

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Cyril Titeux – Senior VP Mid-sized Markets EMEA & Strategic Leader, Janssen

Janssen’s Cyril Titeux highlights the commonalities and challenges within his 31-country portfolio, his hopes and expectations for the evolution of market access in the region, and some of the key industry trends emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.


I foresee a renewed and increased focus on prevention [post-COVID], especially for future pandemics, and on building healthcare systems which are more resilient than efficient

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Anil Okay – General Manager, Adalvo & Chief Commercial Officer, Alvotech

CCO Anil Okay introduces how Alvotech’s focus on biosimilars, comprehensive platform, differentiated portfolio approach, and commercial strategy differentiates the company and allows it to compete with the Big Pharma players also present in the biosimilars space.


We position ourselves as a pure play, differentiated, fully vertically integrated biosimilars development and manufacturing company that goes global with partners that are regional champions

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Andrew Frye – SVP & President, APAC, Baxter

Andrew Frye of medtech giant Baxter outlines his management strategy for the diverse APAC region, how growth was achieved in 2020 despite the drop in non-essential hospital visits and treatments that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about, and the increasing importance of homecare and telehealth post-pandemic.


Healthcare is becoming more like a consumer market, with more discerning patients/customers now expecting more from their interactions with doctors and their treatment experiences

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Choong May Ling, Mimi – CEO, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore

Dr Choong May Ling, Mimi, CEO of Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA), one of the leading regulatory bodies in the Asia-Pacific region, outlines the impact of Singapore’s status as a life sciences hub, the launch of novel priority review avenues, and how the authority is adjusting to the new industry paradigm that data and AI is helping create.


Collaboration has always been critical, and our connectivity has enabled us to build strong partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

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Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér – CEO & Board Member, Tillotts Pharma AG

Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér, longstanding CEO of Tillotts Pharma AG, a Switzerland-based specialty pharma player focused on the digestive system, shares his M&A principles and insights, their exciting recent acquisition of DIFICLIR™ from Astellas, and the company’s recognition as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW) in Switzerland.


For small- to mid-sized pharma companies, M&A might be a much better way to build a portfolio quickly and with less risk

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Praful Chakkarwar – Country Manager, Novo Nordisk Pharma Singapore

Novo Nordisk Singapore’s Praful Chakkarwar explains how he leverages his experience in a range of geographies in his current role, how COVID-19 has helped facilitate the affiliate’s digital transformation, the burden of diabetes and obesity in Singapore, and his experience in bringing innovative new treatments in these fields onto the Singaporean market.


The way health services are rendered to patients is evolving well, but patient-doctor interactions and relationships still tend to be quite traditional. The last year changed this paradigm dramatically

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